Can You Turn Right on Red in West Virginia?

West Virginia law allows drivers to turn red after stopping at a red light as long as there is no sign specifically prohibiting it.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
As in most U.S. states, making a right turn on a red light is allowed in West Virginia. Once you’ve made a full stop at the red light, you can execute a right turn on red as long as doing so doesn’t impede the right of way of any other cars or pedestrians, and there is no sign posted prohibiting the action.
Rights on red are allowed in most states, but there are usually at least some restrictions and rules. Failure to follow these rules can lead to some pretty steep fines and penalties, so it’s important to know what you need to do to perform a right on red correctly.
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Can you turn right on red in West Virginia?

For the most part, yes. Unless there is a posted sign prohibiting it, right turns on red lights are allowed in West Virginia.
West Virginia Code
states that drivers can perform a right turn on red after coming to a complete stop if:
  • It is not prohibited by a posted sign
  • It does not impede pedestrians’ or other vehicles’ right of way
  • The driver’s view is unobstructed
West Virginia treats flashing red lights in the same manner as stop signs. When approaching an intersection with a flashing red light, you should treat it as you would any other intersection with basic stop signs instead of traffic lights.

What about left turns on red?

Unlike many other states, West Virginia does allow left turns on a red light onto a one-way street. As with all other red light actions, be sure to come to a complete stop first and ensure that making your left turn onto the one-way street doesn’t impede any pedestrians’ or other vehicles’ right of way.
Key Takeaway You can make a right turn on red as long as it is not prohibited by a posted sign in West Virginia, and you can legally turn left on red onto a one-way street.

Penalties for an illegal right turn on red in West Virginia

Though turning right on red is legal in West Virginia, doing so without coming to a full stop first or in an intersection where such turns aren’t allowed is considered a misdemeanor, and it will cost you. 
Convictions for red-light and stop-sign violations add three demerit points to your
West Virginia driving record
and carry the following maximum fines:
  • $100 for a first conviction in a one-year period
  • $200 for a second conviction within a one-year period
  • $500 for a third conviction within a one-year period
If you’re looking for ways to
increase your car insurance premiums
—which we obviously don't recommend—getting points on your license is one of the quickest. Plus, you can have your license suspended if you accumulate too many points too quickly, so, do yourself a favor and follow these simple traffic rules.

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