The Top 5 Greatest Ford Models of All Time

The Model T, Mustang, and F-series pickup are some of the most iconic and best Ford cars of all time.
Written by Lucy Harwood
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Ford has produced dozens of iconic cars—but the most iconic is, without a doubt, the Ford Model T, first released in 1908. 
Of course, Ford has manufactured many other memorable cars over the years. Sports cars like the ever-popular Mustang and the top-selling
F-150 pickup truck
hold their own when it comes to Ford’s GOAT. 
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Ford Model T 

Original price: $850
Price today: $17,600 to $24,200
The well-known Ford Model T was first manufactured in 1908 and paved the success of Henry Ford. Ford manufactured about 16.5 million Model Ts between 1908 and 1927—and its affordability and reliability made it a practical car for the average American.
Known as the most influential car of the 20th century, the Model T shaped modern auto manufacturing for years to come. 

1965 Ford Mustang

Original price: $2,400
Price today: $30,000 to $40,000
The 1965
Ford Mustang
—also called the first pony car—had speed, power, and a sense of adventure. It heavily influenced muscle cars in years to come, like the popular
Chevrolet Camaro
Although the Mustang has changed over the years, it remains an iconic Ford model. The five generations of Ford Mustangs have proven that this model is about as iconic as they come. 
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1955 Ford Thunderbird 

Original price: $2,900
Price today: Approx. $30,000
When it released the
in 1955, Ford proved that it had range, style, and glamour. It gained popularity quickly and ultimately became a classic Ford model. 
Ford only manufactured about 53,000 Thunderbirds between 1955 and 1957, but the affordable luxury vehicle was a hit. Though the original car had two doors, Ford eventually released a four-door version as well. 

Ford GT40 

Original price: $9,000
Price today: $10 million
Manufactured between 1964 and 1969, the Ford GT40 became known as Ford’s greatest race car. Ford also made a street-legal version of the GT40 and it was the most expensive Ford on the market. 
Proving again that Ford was a car manufacturer with a wide range of styles, Ford created a vehicle that could go beyond just driving on the road. The GT40 won multiple awards and is now a very rare Ford model. 
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1948 Ford F-series Truck

Original price: $900
Price today: $26,000 to $46,000
This staple Ford model was the best-selling truck in America for 34 years, thanks in part to its reliability and practicality. Like many of Ford’s vehicles, the F-series truck was affordable, costing only $900 in 1948. 
Impressively, the Ford F-series is still being produced today and consistently ranks among the top-selling vehicles in the light-duty pickup class.
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