2019 Ford Transit Van Gas Tank Size

There are over 50 configurations of the 2019 Ford Transit Van, and they all have the same larger-than-average 25-gallon fuel tank.
Written by Matt Nightingale
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
The 2019
Transit Van comes with three available engine options and over 50 body configurations—but just one gas tank size. Every 2019 Transit Van is outfitted with a 25-gallon fuel tank. 
The easiest way to determine your vehicle’s fuel capacity is by consulting your owner’s manual. But if you’ve misplaced it, fear not.
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How big is the gas tank on a 2019 Ford Transit Van?

At 25 gallons, the 2019 Ford Transit Van’s gas tank size is quite a bit bigger than the average car’s. Typical tanks range somewhere between 13 and 16 gallons. 
The Transit Van is available with a 3.7-liter V6 engine, a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, or a 3.2-liter inline five-cylinder diesel engine. But no matter which engine you choose, your 2019 Ford Transit Van will have a 25-gallon gas tank. 

How to check your 2019 Ford Transit Van’s gas tank size

If you need to know your vehicle’s fuel tank capacity, there are a few ways you can figure it out.

Measure the gas tank

One way to figure out the size of your car’s gas tank is to get out a tape measure and find out for yourself. All you have to do is multiply your tank’s width by its length by its height, and then divide that number by 231 (which is the number of cubic inches in a gallon).
For example, if your tank is 6 inches by 18 inches by 32 inches, that’s 6 x 18 x 32 = 3,456. Divide 3,456 by 231, and you have 14.96 gallons.

Check your owner’s manual

The simplest way to find your car’s gas tank capacity is to just look it up in your owner’s manual. Look for “fuel tank,” “fuel capacity,” or a similar phrase in your manual’s table of contents.

Drive till empty, then fill it up

If you’re feeling lucky, you can get a rough idea of your tank’s capacity by driving until your gauge is on “empty.” All you have to do then is head to your local gas station and take note of how many gallons it takes to fill up
Do not drive your car until it completely runs out of gas, however. Running out of gas can be very dangerous, especially if you’re driving on difficult terrain or in a high-speed area. Your car may stall, and it will become more difficult to steer and brake. 
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How to save on fuel costs in a 2019 Ford Transit Van

The U.S. EPA estimates the combined city/highway fuel economy of the 2019 Ford Transit Van to be 15 mpg.
The Transit Van isn’t really known for its fuel efficiency, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your children's college fund on gas. Here are a few ways you can keep your fuel costs low: 
  • Keep your car properly maintained. Decreased fuel efficiency is a sign that it may be time for an oil change. Adhering to regular oil changes and other scheduled maintenance will go a long way toward reducing fuel costs and the overall cost of ownership. 
  • Slow down. Accelerating at a gradual pace rather than exploding off the line will help you to conserve fuel—and it may save you a speeding ticket or two. 
  • Stop idling. Allowing your car to run idly is one of the biggest wastes of fuel. You’re literally burning gas and going nowhere. Consider letting your car warm up for less time in the winter months. A few minutes of discomfort could end up saving you hundreds in gas money. 

How to optimize your Transit Van’s insurance coverage

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