Guide for the 1963 Corvette

The 1963 Corvette is the first of the C2 generation and is praised to be the greatest Corvette of all time.
Written by Tiffany Leung
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Jan 18, 2023
The 1963 Corvette marks a new era as the first car in the C2 generation. This is also the first year for the Corvette coupe and the only year for the split-window coupe. 
Its refreshed style and upgraded performance and handling make this year’s Corvette one of the most desirable and collectible ‘Vettes of all. With the debut of the C2 generation came 199 units of the 1963 Corvette Stingray with a Z06 option. 
The release of the 1963 Corvette was an instant success. The car was so popular that GM wasn’t able to keep up with the demand, leading to a two-month waitlist before a customer could get their own. The 1963 Corvette Stingray, especially with the split-window design, was even hailed as one of the most collectible Corvettes of all time, with its newly designed chassis, improved handling and maneuverability, and impressive horsepower.
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Ownership costs for a 1963 Corvette 

Owning a 1963 Corvette will vary in cost depending on the option you choose and whether or not you get a
. The 1963 Corvette comes as a standard convertible or coupe, L75, L76, or L84.
On, a used or restored 1963 Corvette can go for $65,000 to $269,000. The seller’s price will depend on how much work was done on the car, the condition of the car, and whether or not it has original or aftermarket parts. Some models with a high collectible value can fetch a handsome price. 
According to the J.D. Power and NADA Guide values, the average 1963 Corvette base prices are:
  • Original MSRP: $4,257
  • Current low retail value: $51,100
  • Average retail: $82,300
  • High retail value: $111,200

Where to buy a 1963 Corvette

To purchase a 1963 Corvette or any of its variants, you can use
to find available models at nearby dealerships or from private sellers. Another option is to buy the car from a fellow enthusiast on a
forum—which also allows you to ask questions and connect with other fans. 

What does the 1963 Corvette bring to the table? 

The 1963 Corvette is the first model year for the C2 Corvettes and is praised for its exceptional handling and maneuverability, as well as its refreshed style based on Bill Mitchell’s 1959 Stingray race car. 
It is also the first year for the coupe and the only year for the unique split-window coupe. Its popularity among classic car enthusiasts makes getting a hold of this highly sought-after Corvette equally difficult and expensive.

Strengths and weaknesses of the 1963 Corvette

Before you start looking for a 1963 Corvette, here’s a breakdown of the good and bad of this classic car. 

The good: handling

The 1963 Corvette is a fast car, yet the new design advancements make the vehicle incredibly easy to drive. It could exceed 100 mph sustainably over long distances and was recorded to travel a quarter-mile in 15 seconds.

The good: traction

The engineers managed to move 80 more pounds of the car on or over the rear wheels. This improved the Corvette’s traction, which is beneficial in times of aggressive acceleration. 

The good: exterior design

The redesign of the Corvette exterior struck a chord with the consumers, making it the hottest car at the time—many were even willing to pay and wait for almost two months before getting their car. The Stingray also is uniquely designed with the split-window option.

The bad: price 

The 1963 Chevy Corvette had an MSRP of $4,257, but the demand for it even today has pushed the cost to over $111,000. With such a high price, this car could be just a dream for many Corvette enthusiasts.

The bad: cargo space

The 1963 Corvette lacks storage, which makes it less ideal for those who wish to use the car for practical purposes.

The bottom line—which 1963 Corvette to buy

If you’re looking for a classic car with off-the-charts demand and admiration, go with the Corvette Stingray. The split-window coupe is unique to this car and is enough to make any enthusiast’s mouth water. To top it off, the car also has buttery-smooth handling thanks to the shorter wheelbase and a faster Ball Race steering. 
However, if you don’t want to spend a fortune just want to add a beloved classic to your collection, the Corvette Standard Convertible is a great choice.

How to save money on car insurance for the 1963 Corvette

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