What Does the Engine Code P0847 Mean?

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If your car is showing the engine code P0847, you’re looking at an issue with your transmission fluid pressure sensor switch (switch “B”). Driving with this issue can cause significant damage to your car, so you should get it fixed immediately. 
An OBD-II reader can read diagnostic codes from your engine that tell you of existent issues in your car. If you own an OBD-II reader, this can be a great tool for maintaining your car—but you’ll need to know what all those confusing codes mean (and how to fix the problems they signify). 
The car insurance comparison and super-app Jerry is bringing you expert knowledge on all you need to know about the P0847 code—what it means, how to fix it, and how much it will cost. Plus, we’ll give you the best tools for finding the cheapest car insurance coverage while you’re at it. 
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What does the engine code P0847 mean? 

Definition: Transmission fluid pressure sensor/switch “B” circuit low
In short, the engine code P0847 signifies that something is wrong with your transmission fluid pressure sensor switch (switch “B”). This pressure sensor switch monitors the pressure of your transmission fluid as it flows in and out of various chambers in your engine and allows your transmission to shift smoothly. 

How much will it cost to fix it? 

The diagnostic cost of this engine code is one hour of labor. The cost of one hour of labor will vary depending on your location and mechanic, but expect it to be around $75 to $150 per hour. 
If you need to replace your transmission fluid pressure sensor switch, the cost of parts and labor could be $100 to $300. 

What can cause the engine code P0847?

You might have a faulty transmission fluid pressure sensor switch (switch “B”), your switch “B” harness could be shorted or open, or your switch “B” circuit might have a poor electrical connection. 
The transmission fluid pressure sensor switch is located underneath your car, making it subject to harsh conditions and more extreme wear and tear. If it wears out or breaks, it might stop working entirely or send faulty data to your car’s computer, thus causing your transmission to operate incorrectly. 

Common symptoms of the P0847 engine code

If your check engine light is on, you can use an OBD-II reader to read the engine code and help you diagnose the problem in your engine. If you don’t have an OBD-II reader, here are some other symptoms that can occur when you have an issue with your transmission fluid pressure sensor switch: 
  • Car gets stuck in third or fourth gear (“limp” mode)
  • Car has difficulty shifting
  • Engine RPM is higher than what it should be (car stuck in wrong gear)

How serious is the P0847 engine code? 

If your car shows the P0847 code, get it to a mechanic immediately. Issues with your transmission can put serious wear and tear on your car—the kind of wear and tear that can cost you thousands of dollars. 

Can I fix the P0847 engine code myself? 

Since the transmission fluid pressure sensor switch is underneath your vehicle, it will be a more difficult at-home repair. Of all the at-home car maintenance jobs, this is a trickier one—but those who are up for the challenge can follow these steps: 
  • Locate the transmission fluid pressure sensor switch underneath your car
  • Visually inspect the wiring harness and connectors around the transmission fluid pressure sensor switch
  • Look for broken, corroded, bent, or pushed-out connector’s pins
  • Replace damaged parts
  • Run the car, test for recurring transmission issues

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