What Does the Engine Code P0841 Mean?

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When you see the P0841 engine code, it means there's a problem with your Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor. While there may not be any visible issues, it could mean that your transmission is faulty. Have a professional inspect your car as soon as possible to avoid major problems like overheating or slipping in your transmission.
Engine codes are meant to help car owners and professionals identify specific issues in their vehicles. Without them, you’d need to inspect every element of your engine to properly identify a problem. Luckily, your mechanic can use the engine code to quickly find the issue and resolve it.
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What does the engine code P0841 mean?

Definition: Engine code P0841 indicates that something is wrong with your Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor
The Transmission Pressure Sensor is a vital part of automatic cars, as it measures oil pressure in the transmission and tells the engine control module (ECM) when to switch gears. Without it, you may start to notice lower fuel efficiency and larger problems in your transmission.

How much will it cost to fix?

The cost of repairing the Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor depends on what’s causing the issue. A professional diagnosis will typically cost around $75 to $150, depending on your shop's labor costs. 
A new sensor alone costs around $100, and an additional transmission flush could cost upwards of $200. In total, it will likely cost around $500 to resolve the issue.

What can cause the P0841 engine code?

When your car shows the P0841 engine code, it means there’s a problem with your Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor. Low levels of transmission fluid or dirty fluid are some of the most common problems.
The sensor normally communicates pressure levels to the ECM, which responds by helping your car shift gears. Of course, basic issues like low transmission fluid are common and easy to fix—but engine code P0841 could also indicate more serious issues in your transmission. 
Here are some more major issues indicated by engine code P0841:
  • Broken Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor
  • Faulty Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor circuits
  • Mechanical problems in the transmission

Common symptoms of the P0841 engine code

While there won’t be any visible signs of a P0841 engine code, you may experience the following symptoms: 
  • Car won’t change gears
  • Can’t shift out of park
  • Unexpectedly slipping into different gears
  • Lower fuel economy
If your transmission is clogged or stuck, you may not be able to switch gears—even when you’re driving. 

How serious is the P0841 engine code? 

Because the P0841 engine code indicates a problem with your transmission, it can be very serious. Although you’ll likely be able to drive your car, your transmission could slip or switch unexpectedly—causing unexpected danger on the road.
If your car displays a P0841 code, it’s best to have your engine inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

Can I fix the P0841 engine code myself?

Whether you’ll be able to fix the P0841 engine code on your own depends on the specific issue. Minor problems like low or dirty transmission fluid can be easily solved by refilling the transmission fluid or flushing the transmission.
That said, major problems like a faulty Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor circuit should be left to the professionals. Since a P0841 engine code could impact your car’s driveability, you’ll want to have the problem diagnosed by a professional before you try anything yourself.

Flushing or refilling transmission fluid

If you do decide to flush or refill your transmission fluid, follow these steps: 
  • Park your car on a flat surface and locate the transmission fluid reservoir. Use the dipstick to check the fluid. If the dipstick is clean, pour more fluid into the reservoir. If it’s dark brown or black, flush the system. 
  • Lift the car on jack stands, leaving enough room for you to slip under the vehicle. 
  • Locate the transmission fluid pan under the car. Place a bucket underneath it.
  • Unscrew the drain bolt or remove the fluid pan and pour the existing fluid into your collection bucket. 
  • Clean the fluid plan and find a replacement transmission fluid filter.
  • Reinstall the fluid pan and filter underneath the car.
  • Refill the transmission fluid by placing a funnel in the fluid reservoir and pouring in fresh transmission fluid.

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