What Does the Engine Code P2302 Mean?

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The P2302 engine code signals an issue with your ignition coil “A.” Your ignition coil might have a bad electrical connection or you might need a new ignition coil altogether. 
Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) tell you what’s going on in your engine. Using an OBD-II reader to read DTCs when your check engine light goes on can help you keep your car well maintained. It can also save you some of the time and money spent at a mechanic. 
The car insurance super app Jerry will take you through the P2302 engine code: what it means, how to fix it, and how much you should plan to spend in the process. 
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What does the engine code P2302 mean? 

Definition: Ignition coil “A” secondary circuit
 The P2302 engine code signals a faulty ignition coil or ignition coil electrical connection. 
Ignition coils are some of the major players in helping your car run. They multiply volts from your car in order to ignite your engine’s air-fuel mixture. 

How much will it cost to fix it? 

Expect to pay around $250 to $400 to fix the P2302 engine code. 
The price for an ignition coil is approximately $150 to $225. If you need to replace your ignition coil, expect to pay at least this much. If you aren’t doing the labor yourself, you will need to pay more for a mechanic’s labor—which will run you an additional $50 to $100. 
Remember, these costs are estimates, and the cost will ultimately depend on the cost of parts and your mechanic’s costs for labor. 

What can cause the engine code P2302?

Here are some of the main causes of the P2302 engine code: 
  • Faulty ignition coil “A”
  • Shorted or open ignition coil “A” harness
  • Poor electrical connection to ignition coil “A” circuit

Common symptoms of the P2302 engine code

Even without an OBD-II reader, your car might be telling you that there’s something wrong with your ignition coil “A.” Here are some of the major symptoms for the P2302 engine code: 
  • Check engine light turns on
  • Rough engine idle
  • Engine misfires
  • Loss of engine power
  • Car won’t start

How serious is the P2302 engine code? 

The P2302 engine code is urgent and should be fixed immediately. 
Ignition coils are vital in the operation of your engine—and a faulty ignition coil could ultimately mean your car won’t run. At best, your engine performance will suffer. Leaving this engine code unfixed can put a serious strain on your vehicle and your car’s value could depreciate drastically. 

Can I fix the P2302 engine code myself? 

If you’re in the business of trying to save money on your car, you might be wondering how easy fixing this engine code can be. While fixing the P2302 engine code is not for the faint of heart, we’ll walk you through the steps so you can take a jab at it. 
First, you will need to inspect the wiring harness and connectors around your car’s ignition coil “A” and assess if any parts are damaged, bent, worn, or corroded. 
You might find you need to replace your ignition coil entirely. Here are the steps for replacing your car’s ignition coil: 
  1. Disconnect your car’s battery
  2. Find the ignition coils
  3. Disconnect faulty ignition coil
  4. Remove the faulty ignition coil
  5. Install new ignition coil
  6. Reconnect battery
  7. Run car to test the new ignition coil

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