What does the engine code P2803 mean?

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A P2803 engine code indicates a problem with the way the Transmission Range Sensor is communicating with your vehicle’s central computer or PCM. This is a crucial error and must be addressed immediately. Do not continue to drive the car until you have the issue checked.
OBD-II code readers are great at pointing car owners in the right direction when something is wrong with their car. You can then go to your mechanic, code(s) in hand, and request a professional evaluation. In the case of a P2803 error, you will need a professional to repair the issue.
To help you out, car insurance app Jerry has created this overview of the P2803 code so you’ll understand what’s involved.
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What does the engine code P2803 mean?

Definition: Transmission Range Sensor 'B' Circuit High
Your automatic transmission shifts your car’s or truck’s gears for you. A P2803 error code means that your vehicle’s Transmission Control Module—or TCM—has received a confusing signal from Transmission Range Sensor B. 
It may be registering that you are in two different gears, which interferes with the driveability of your vehicle. This could place your car into limp mode, which provides just enough power to “limp” into a service station. This is a serious problem, which must be addressed before you continue to drive the vehicle.

How much will it cost to fix?

Diagnosing exactly what is causing a P2803 engine code may take more than an hour (repair shops often charge $75-150/hour) because there could be a more involved wiring issue causing the problem. Assuming just your Transmission Range Sensor B is bad, it may cost between $400-500 to replace it (part + labor). However, if there is a wiring issue, this may take longer to resolve, costing more. 
If the mechanic finds a problem with your vehicle’s TCM—which is uncommon—replacing it will likely cost between $500-$900+. However, if your Powertrain Control Module (PCM) has failed, the price will be in the $900 range.

What can cause the P2803 engine code?

These are the most common causes of P2803 code:
  • The Transmission Range Sensor B is bad
  • There’s an issue with transmission-related cabling 
  • There are problems with your Transmission Control Module (TCM) or Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

Common symptoms of the P2803 engine code

Drivers may notice one or more of the following issues:
  • Difficulty accelerating because you are stuck in gear
  • Shifting problems
  • Bad fuel economy

How serious is the P2803 code?

A P2803 code needs to be diagnosed and addressed immediately. If it is ignored, you may severely damage your transmission

Can I fix a P2803 engine code myself?

Frankly, trying to repair it yourself is ill-advised. Because shifting gears is so crucial to your vehicle’s performance, do not try to diagnose and fix this error code yourself (unless you are a knowledgeable mechanic). 

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