What Does the Engine Code P2810 Mean?

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If your car is showing the P2810 engine code, there’s an issue with one of the solenoids on your transmission system. Ignoring this issue can lead to dangerous driving conditions and worse engine damage down the road.
Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) exist to help you identify issues with your vehicle’s engine. Owning an OBD-II code reader can simplify your repairs process by allowing you to find and correct the issue more quickly.
Car insurance comparison and broker app Jerry has created this guide to help you diagnose and fix your engine code P2810 issues.

What does the engine code P2810 mean?

Definition: Pressure control solenoid 'G' electrical
This indicates there is a problem with your car’s Transmission Control Module (TCM). The TCM uses solenoids to control the pressure in an automatic transmission, and it is crucial for switching gears.
If there is an issue with a solenoid, the transmission fuel may not be correctly directed. This causes problems for the transmission and the car’s drivability, as it may not be switching gears on time (or at all).

How much will it cost to fix? 

Diagnosis of this engine code will take an hour of labor, which will likely cost between $75 and $150.
If you need to replace a solenoid, it will cost between $15 and $100 for the part and $120 and $400 for the labor.

What can cause the P2810 engine code?

There are many possible causes of the P2810 code, which is why you should bring your car to a mechanic as soon as possible.
Here are a few potential culprits for the P2810 engine code:
  • Solenoid G is faulty or defective 
  • Solenoid G has a poor electrical connection
  • Solenoid G’s harness has shorted
  • There is a blockage in the transmission valve
  • The transmission fuel is low 
  • The transmission control module (TCM) is broken or faulty
An issue with a single solenoid is easier and less expensive to fix than a problem with the entire transmission or TCM.

Common symptoms of the P2810 engine code

The first symptom of a P2810 engine code is likely that your vehicle’s Check Engine light is on. While this could be the only indication of a problem, you’ll likely notice other symptoms as well.
Other indicators that there is an issue with one of your solenoids or TCM are:
  • An increase in fuel consumption
  • The automatic transmission is not shifting or shifts poorly
  • The transmission overheats
If you encounter any of these issues, head to a mechanic
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How serious is the P2810 engine code? 

A car showing the P2810 engine code should be taken into a repair shop or mechanic as quickly as possible. You should avoid driving your vehicle as much as possible until the issue is resolved.
Driving with a bad solenoid or TCM can degrade your vehicle’s drivability, which can put you in dangerous situations. Plus, ignoring the issue can lead to further degradation of the transmission system, which will lead to more complex (and expensive) repairs. 

Can I fix the P2810 engine code myself?

Your ability to fix the P2810 engine code depends on your mechanical skills.
Pop the hood and check out the transmission. If there are clear issues with the harness or connectors' pins—like disconnected, broken, or corroded parts—you can possibly resolve the issue by reconnecting or replacing the trouble part.
Otherwise, we recommend leaving this up to a mechanic. Untrained hands can cause more trouble for the engine when trying to fix the issue.

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