Scion tC Clutch Replacement Cost

A Scion tC clutch replacement can cost between $1,400 and $1,600, depending on local labor costs. Click here to learn more!
Written by Jessica Gibson
Reviewed by Pat Roache
Plan on spending between $1,400 and $1,600 to replace the clutch on your Scion tC. The Scion isn’t known for having clutch problems, but normal wear and tear can cause the clutch to fail.
The tC, or touring coupe, was Scion’s best-selling model during its 2004 to 2016 production years. Earlier models are sportier and more competitive than their rivals, but in later years, the tC lags in terms of design, comfort, and performance. 
Fortunately, the Scion tC is a reliable car. It’s not known for having problems with the clutch or transmission, but as the existing tCs begin to age, you’re more likely to need a clutch replacement—and your
car insurance
likely won’t cover it. 
Don’t worry if you’re a little fuzzy about this transmission part. We’ll cover the basics: what a clutch is, where it’s located, and how to tell if your clutch is going out. Plus, we’ll give you a cost breakdown so you know how to budget for this car expense.
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How much does it cost to replace a Scion tC clutch? 

Depending on what’s wrong with your Scion tC clutch, you may need to buy a clutch replacement kit that includes a pressure plate and clutch disc. Some kits include the flywheel or replacement cylinders, so you’ll need a proper diagnosis to get the right parts. In general, plan on spending around $650 on parts alone.
You’ll also have to factor in labor costs, which can vary widely depending on where you take your Scion. You’ll probably pay more at a Toyota service center, but their mechanics will have experience with Scion transmission. It’s also perfectly fine to save money and go to an independent auto shop that you trust!
Repair Pal estimates that labor costs run between $745 and $940. Add that to the average price of parts, and you’re looking at a clutch replacement cost between $1,400 and $1,600. If you shop around for mechanics specializing in transmission issues, you might get a good deal.

What is a clutch? 

All cars have a clutch. This is a crucial part of the drivetrain, especially on manual transmissions. Even though automatics have a clutch, you usually only hear about problems with the clutch on manual cars—manual Scion tC owners take note.
Take a look at any car diagram, and you’ll find the clutch between the engine and gearbox where it transfers engine power to the gears. The clutch temporarily disengages when you switch gears. You’ll also see the flywheel mentioned—this is the part that connects to the engine. 
The flywheel is bolted to the engine’s crankshaft, and the clutch plate is connected to the transmission. The flywheel is what balances the engine and dampens vibrations when you change gears.
Visualize driving a manual car. When you take your foot off the clutch, the springs between the clutch disc and flywheel make the output shaft and engine spin at the same speed, so power is transferred to the transmission. Put your foot down on the clutch, and different springs disengage and reengage so that you can shift gears.
As you might have guessed, there’s a lot of friction involved between critical components of the transmission. Inevitably, friction wears down the parts, especially the material on the clutch plate. When it starts to wear out, the clutch can become unreliable—slipping and sticking.
Here are a few more problems that are common with the clutch:

What are the symptoms of a Scion tC clutch problem? 

Clutch problems can be tricky to pinpoint, but it’s fairly easy to know when something is wrong. It’s definitely startling to hear growling, squealing, or grinding when you try to shift gears! 
Aside from noises, pay attention to how the clutch pedal behaves. For example, the clutch pedal starts to feel loosely connected or “spongy” when it’s failing—ask yourself if you’ve been pressing down more than usual to engage the clutch. Another sign is if the clutch pedal sticks or sinks to the floor and won’t come back up.
Your clutch might be failing if the clutch isn’t performing as it should. A failing clutch will slip, stick, or be hard to use. For example, you might shift and see the RPMs increase, but your tC won’t accelerate, or you have a difficult time getting the car to reverse or shift into gear.
A terrible burning smell in your car is another telltale sign that the clutch is on its way out. Don’t hesitate to get your Scion tC checked out by a mechanic. Take your car to your trusted auto shop or head to the Toyota dealership, where trained technicians can diagnose the problem.

Is it safe to drive with a bad clutch? 

It’s not a good idea to drive the car if you suspect the clutch is failing. You can drive your tC to the mechanic, but don’t put it off! There’s no way to know when the clutch will break, and you won’t be able to drive your Scion at all when this happens. 
The best thing to do is get your tC checked out as soon as you notice problems with the clutch. This way, you’ll have cheaper repair costs, and you won’t get stranded!

How long should a Scion tC clutch last? 

Scion tC clutch parts are high-quality, so most drivers get around 100,000 miles out of them. If you keep up with your
car’s basic maintenance schedule
, your clutch could last well beyond that!
Your driving style contributes to the life of your clutch. If you do a lot of stop-and-go city or mountainous driving or you rest your foot on the clutch pedal while driving, your clutch will wear out faster.
Although clutch problems aren’t common with the tC, notes that most of the Scion’s clutch issues are minor annoyances (like noisy or rough shifting). These issues tend to pop up around the 49,000-mile marker, and repair costs average $100. 

Scion tC clutch recalls

Fortunately, the Scion tC has never had a clutch or transmission recall! That being said, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye out for clutch problems as your Scion tC approaches the 100,000-mile mark.
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