What Does the Mercedes-Benz CPO Warranty Cover?

A Mercedes CPO warranty offers one additional year of coverage and unlimited miles for most vehicle parts and systems.
Written by Maxine Boyko
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Every standard Mercedes-Benz certified pre-owned (CPO) warranty includes one year of coverage and unlimited miles.
If you want to enjoy the performance and luxury of a Mercedes without having to pay the new car price, you may want to consider a used model. Unfortunately, buying used is a bit of a gamble—which is hard to swallow if you’re dropping a ton of cash. That’s why Mercedes-Benz’s CPO warranty is a great option for cautious buyers. 
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Mercedes-Benz certified pre-owned (CPO) warranty coverage

The Mercedes certified pre-owned warranty kicks in a limited warranty of one year with unlimited miles after your vehicle’s original four-year/50,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty expires.
Essentially, this means that you’ll have coverage for up to five years, but Mercedes offers additional flexibility and peace of mind. After your CPO limited warranty coverage ends, you’ll have the option to extend coverage for an additional one or two years with unlimited miles.
All qualifying Mercedes-Benz models must be no older than six years of age, have fewer than 75,000 miles on the odometer, and have had service in accordance with the Mercedes-Benz maintenance plan.
Under the CPO warranty, all necessary repairs or replacements will be covered by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer at no additional charge. All repairs and maintenance will be made using new or remanufactured genuine Mercedes parts. As a bonus, should the vehicle transfer ownership, the CPO benefits stay with the vehicle. 
But remember, there is a difference between the standard CPO and an extended warranty. In general, CPO coverage is less robust. Let’s go over what’s covered and what you can anticipate dealing with on your own. 

What’s covered

The Mercedes-Benz CPO warranty will correct defects in either materials or workmanship on certain parts and systems of your used vehicle. The CPO limited warranty will cover:
  • Engine
  • Powertrain components
  • Brakes (excluding normal wear and tear)
  • Some suspension parts
  • Electrical systems
  • Climate control
  • Audio and navigation systems
  • Central locking
  • Convertible and retractable top systems
There are many other parts covered under the limited warranty, but details may vary slightly from model to model. Some models, for example, have special item inclusions or exclusions worth paying attention to, such as the 4-Matic, G-Class, and M-Class models. 
For information about a specific model, reach out to an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. Depending on your car’s age, in addition to the limited warranty, you’ll also have the original new vehicle warranty for extra coverage confidence!

What isn’t covered

With how much the Mercedes limited CPO warranty can cover, there are also limitations. Here are the following systems, components, and services that are not protected under this plan:
  • Batteries
  • Shock absorbers and suspension struts
  • Convertible soft top parts, including fabric top, window, and headliner
  • Glass
  • Vehicle paint and trim
Like all warranties, the Mercedes CPO warranty also will not cover damages due to outside influences, including: 
  • Accidents
  • Misuse (including driving over curbs, overloading, and improper operation)
  • Negligence
  • Modifications and alterations
  • Lack of maintenance or failure to use the appropriate specified maintenance parts and fluids
  • Repairs at non-authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers
  • Normal wear and tear on things like brake pads, discs, and wiper blades
Additionally, damage from factors such as rust and corrosion, algae, fluid contamination, or improper fuel usage will also void the conditions of the CPO warranty.

Additional benefits

Mercedes already carries a robust CPO limited warranty covering all sorts of parts and systems. But it doesn’t stop there! Mercedes-Benz CPO warranties extend additional services, including: 
  • Roadside assistance: 24/7 help with jumpstarts, tire changes, or fuel delivery
  • Towing: In the event of a mechanical breakdown due to a covered part, if the towing charges are reasonable, the cost of towing the vehicle to the nearest authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer
  • Trip interruption: If you broke down more than 100 miles from home, reimbursement of travel expenses up to $300 per day for three days
  • SiriusXM Radio: 3 months complimentary 

Is a Mercedes CPO warranty transferable?

Another great part of the Mercedes CPO warranty is it’s fully transferable. If you decide to sell your pre-owned Mercedes, you can transfer the warranty to the new owner in a few easy steps. All you have to do is: 
  • Hand over the service booklet and limited warranty information booklet to the new owner.
  • Update the vehicle ownership and customer contact information by visiting
  • Present proof of purchase to an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer, who will finalize the transfer. 
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Mercedes-Benz CPO program certification process

Concerns about quality are always valid—but with Mercedes-Benz’s rigorous certification process, you can rest easy knowing everything has been held to exacting standards and addressed throughout the inspection and reconditioning processes. 
For starters, all Mercedes-Benz pre-owned vehicles must pass an intensive
164-point CPO inspection
. Here’s an overview of what each phase of the inspection entails: 
  • 11-point general inspection
  • 13-point engine compartment and pre-road test checks
  • 16-point engine component inspection
  • 32-point electrical systems and function test
  • 17-point undercarriage and drivetrain inspection
  • 26-point chassis and body inspection
  • 14-point road test
  • 3-point post-road test
  • 32-point appearance evaluation
If the vehicle has any identifiable structural damage, an unclean CARFAX Report, or mileage discrepancies, it will immediately disqualify from eligibility. This is in addition to satisfying the other requirements, including being six model years old or newer, having less than 75,000 miles, and not being a former rental or manufacturer buyback.
Every Mercedes-Benz must not only perform excellently but also look the part. Following the bulk of inspections, each vehicle undergoes a 32-point appearance evaluation and reconditioning, which includes: 
  • Cleaning and detailing the cabin and trunk
  • Washing, waxing, and polishing exterior
  • Verify that services and maintenance are up to date
  • Technicians perform any final re-tuning, replenishing, and refreshing using only genuine Mercedes-Benz parts
In addition to first-class experience guarantees, you can also feel secure knowing that you can always return your vehicle after seven days or 500 miles to exchange it for another vehicle and find the right car for you. If all goes well, you may even decide to continue your CPO coverage with an extended limited warranty!

Are Mercedes-Benz vehicles reliable?

Your vehicle’s reliability will impact the mileage you get out of your Mercedes CPO warranty. If a make or specific model is more likely to experience mechanical issues, for example, then you’ll want to have the reassurance that good warranty coverage can provide. 
When it comes to Mercedes’ reliability, the brand is pretty average. RepairPal ranks the automaker 27th out of 32 brands and gives it an overall 3/5 reliability rating. 
In J.D. Power’s 2022 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study, Mercedes-Benz slipped just below the industry average of 192 problems per 100 vehicles. At 195 problems per 100 vehicles, Mercedes still ranks better than
, and
but fell behind
, and
reliability standings. 
So if you’re paying all that money for a luxury vehicle for just average quality, is it even worth it? Well, since reliability is a multifaceted assessment, we think it’s only fair to evaluate at least a couple of the most popular models: the C-Class and the GLE.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class reliability scores

The C-Class ranks No. 6 on J.D. Power’s list of best compact premium cars and has a 79/100 overall consumer rating. Edmunds ranks the Mercedes C-Class No. 1 out of 12 small luxury sedans.
  • Edmunds: 7.9/10 (2022)
  • RepairPal: 3.5 out of 5.0 reliability rating (C300)
  • J.D. Power: 81/100 quality and reliability score

Mercedes-Benz GLE reliability scores 

The GLE is a top-selling Mercedes SUV equipped with the latest and greatest in luxury amenities. Edmunds ranks this particular Mercedes model No. 1 out of 11 midsize luxury SUVs, while J.D. Power ranks it No. 4 on its upper midsize premium SUV list.
  • Edmunds: 8.4/10 (2022) 
  • RepairPal: 3.5 out of 5.0 reliability rating (GLE 350)
  • J.D. Power: 80/100 quality and reliability score
While the GLE doesn’t have major reliability issues, it nevertheless appeared on lists of the least reliable cars of 2022 following a redesign. Many find these sorts of issues unacceptable for a luxury brand.
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Average Mercedes-Benz repair costs

Curious to know what a Mercedes CPO warranty can save you in repair costs?
The average annual repair cost for a Mercedes is $908, which is much higher than the industry-wide average. Your CPO warranty won’t necessarily pay for everything, but it can help reduce the financial stress that comes with owning a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes. 
It’s not entirely uncommon for Mercedes vehicles to face transmission issues, including failure. If your Mercedes has a transmission issue that’s covered by the CPO warranty, you won’t have to worry about it, though.
One common problem Mercedes-Benz owners encounter is rough shifting. If your transmission issue is covered under the Mercedes CPO warranty, you could save anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000+ to fix it!
Another common problem is with the ABS control module, which can cost upwards of $1,400 to replace. Unfortunately, this issue poses a safety concern and should not be ignored—but if such a repair is not in the budget, that may mean you lose out on the ability to drive until you can afford it.
Finally, not only will you save time and money, but you’ll also keep your cool with the Mercedes CPO warranty—literally. Air conditioning problems can become frustrating and costly, as something as simple and common as an AC recharge can cost over $200. And if your A/C compressor needs replacement, you’re looking at upwards of $1,000 for a new one.

Our take: is a Mercedes-Benz CPO warranty worth it?

Put simply: a Mercedes CPO is very much worth it if you want to attempt to mitigate the costs of needing to repair a used luxury vehicle. 
While owning a Benz may fulfill all of your wildest dreams, it can just as easily turn into a nightmare. Remember, they’re not renowned for reliability, nor are they affordable to buy, insure, or repair. If you appreciate the service and quality that Mercedes-Benz provides throughout the entire process, then you’ll likely enjoy the CPO benefits. 
Now, is the extended one- to two-year CPO warranty worth it? Usually not. While it could extend your peace of mind, owners typically overpay on coverage and never see a return in benefits. 
Nevertheless, you can come to the best decision by researching your model’s reliability scores, whether it’s had any open recalls, and comparing projected repair costs to the price of the extra warranty year(s).

How to save on Mercedes-Benz insurance costs

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