Jeep Patriot Battery Size

Jeep Patriot battery size depends on model year—learn more and find your battery size here.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Reviewed by Jaya Anandjit
The most common battery group size for a Jeep Patriot is 86. Before you head to the auto shop, it’s important to know your model year and trim level to find the proper battery size.
You can measure battery size in physical measurements and amperage. Unfortunately, automotive battery size is not universal! Buy the wrong one, and it won’t fit in the battery compartment—or it could damage your vehicle. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a Jeep Patriot before or since its last release in 2017, it’s likely you may need to replace its battery imminently.
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How big is a Jeep Patriot battery? 

Car batteries are categorized by group size. This code tells you the exact physical size of the battery, including length, width, and height. Make sure you check the trim level and model year against the battery size to be sure the battery will fit.
The most common battery size group for a Jeep Patriot is 86. Here’s a detailed description of what “86” means in terms of dimensions by inch: 
  • Group Size 86: 9 1/16th L x 6 13/16th W x 8 H
You can confirm these measurements by looking at your Patriot’s battery. There should be a label affixed to the battery with the battery size. It may also be listed in your owner’s manual
In most situations, an Original Equipment (OE) battery is the best option if your Patriot needs a new battery. Call your Jeep dealership or auto shop for advice about battery brands. Remember to take into account your local climate and driving habits, too!

Jeep Patriot battery lifespan

Most car batteries will last between three and five years, and the Jeep Patriot battery lifespan is no exception. While it is possible for your Jeep Patriot’s battery to last longer than five years, it all depends on your driving habits and the weather conditions in your area
To prolong the life of your Patriot’s battery, you can perform regular maintenance on your battery. Use a wire brush and appropriate cleaning fluid to scrub the terminals and remove corrosion. 
If you notice reduced performance from your electrical system (like dim lights), you might want to replace your battery before it gives out completely. Don’t wait to get stranded!
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How does the Jeep Patriot battery measure up to the competition?

Despite what advertisers want you to believe, the lifespan of most OEM car batteries is similar across all manufacturers. 
Jeep batteries have an average lifespan when compared to Jeep’s competitors.
While there’s nothing special about your Jeep Patriot battery, you can always help it last longer by maintaining the battery with regular cleanings. 

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