How to Find Your Honda Ridgeline Radio Code

If the sound system in your Honda Ridgeline isn’t working, you will need to enter a radio code before you can listen to music again. Click here to learn how.
Written by Andrew Biro
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
If you’ve recently replaced the battery in your Honda Ridgeline, you might need to enter a radio code before you can use your stereo and sound system again. In most cases, you should be able to find this code printed on a sticker in the glove box or by using an online lookup.
Though you may have never had any cause to know about it before today, your Honda Ridgeline uses a simple security measure called a radio code to protect your sound system from opportunistic thieves. This is undeniably a handy feature, but you will need to know the code should you ever replace your Ridgeline’s battery—and to do that you’ll have to find it first.
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Why your Honda Ridgeline needs a radio code

If this is the first time you’ve ever seen your Honda Ridgeline ask for a code, you’re probably a little bit confused—after all, you don’t normally need a code to work your radio, so why is this time any different?
Simply put, your Honda Ridgeline’s radio requires a code to be entered anytime the battery dies or is replaced as a simple security measure to deter would-be stereo thieves—something anyone without sound system insurance should appreciate.
The only drawback, of course, is that you won't be able to use the radio or listen to music until the code is entered, which can, admittedly, be annoying if you don’t have the code memorized or close by.

How to find your Honda Ridgeline radio code

Finding the radio code for your Ridgeline isn't too hard. In fact, there are several ways to find the code, and you might even be able to turn the radio back on without it.
Before you worry about finding the code, try pushing down and holding the radio’s power button for a few moments—in some cases, that’s all you’ll have to do to get your radio working again!
If the power button trick doesn’t work, however, you will need the radio code to get your sound system up and running. Usually, you can find the 5-digit radio code printed on a small sticker in the glove box or in your owner’s manual—it should be titled “Anti-Theft Radio Code” and will have the radio’s serial code printed underneath it.

How to look up your Honda Ridgeline radio code

As long as you have access to the internet, you can still find your radio code even if you've lost your owner's manual and there isn't a sticker in the glove box—you’ll just need to take a few extra steps.
But before you look up your radio code online, you’ll need to know two other numbers: your vehicle identification number (VIN) and your radio’s serial number. Check the tips below if you need help finding them.
  • VIN: Your Ridgeline’s VIN is a unique, 17-character alphanumeric sequence that can be found on your insurance card, vehicle registration paperwork, and a small plaque mounted to the driver's side dash at the base of the windshield.
  • Radio serial number: If you have a 2002 or newer model Ridgeline, you can find your radio’s serial number by pressing and holding radio preset buttons “1” and “6,” after which you’ll need to turn your key to the “On” position—your stereo should then display the 10-digit alphanumeric serial number.
If you have a 2001 or older model Ridgeline, you’ll have to look on the body of the radio unit itself to find the serial number, which will require the stereo system be removed—we recommend having a professional perform this service.
Once you have both the VIN and radio serial number, you’ll be able to look up your radio code by either calling Honda at 1-800-999-1009 or via the
Honda OEM website
. Regardless of the method you choose, you’ll need to be able to provide your phone number, email address, and zip code.

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