What To Do If Your Car’s Battery Alert Light Is On

An illuminated battery alert light indicates a problem with the battery or charging system. Replace the battery or have a mechanic inspect the charging system.
Written by Payton Ternus
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
If the battery alert light is on in your car, there may be a problem with the battery or charging system—especially if you can’t get your car to start!
Almost everyone with a car has been there before: you’re driving around for some errands, and out of the corner of your eye notice a new light on your dashboard. You’re sure the little light wasn’t on yesterday, but you don’t know what it could mean. Do you panic? Drive directly to a mechanic? Or can you put off the repairs for a bit?
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savings, has the answers to your dashboard light questions. Let’s go over the battery alert light: what it is, what it means, and what to do if you see the little battery symbol lit up on your dashboard.
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What is the battery alert light on my dashboard?

The battery alert light on your dashboard is an indicator of your car’s charging system. It will illuminate to notify you of a few problems:
  • Battery: The battery itself can be the problem due to bad wiring, corroded cable terminals, damaged internal cells or plates, or leaking electrolytes.
  • Charging system: If the problem isn’t in the battery, there may be corroded cables or wires connecting the components of the system.
  • Alternator: If there’s a problem with the alternator, your car’s battery won’t charge. A failed alternator or a loose or broken accessory belt will result in a dead battery.

What does the battery alert light look like?

This is an easy light to spot on your dashboard. The name of the battery alert light speaks for itself: it is the outline of a battery with a positive and a negative terminal. It is usually illuminated in red

What does the battery alert light mean?

When you start your car, the charging system warning light should illuminate for a few seconds. If the battery light comes on while you’re driving, there’s a problem, and you need to get to a mechanic as soon as possible.
If you’re driving along and the battery alert light suddenly turns on, turn off as many electrical accessories in the car as you can. This includes the stereo and HVAC system and avoid using electrical controls like power windows. Here are some possible causes of the battery alert light:
The battery alert light is commonly triggered by issues with the battery itself, the alternator, or other components of the charging system.

How to turn off the battery alert light

You will want to take your car to a mechanic to have this problem fixed. The mechanic will be able to inspect the charging system to see if the problem is with the battery, alternator, or other components. The only way to turn off the battery alert light is to fix the problem, which an untrained eye may not be able to accomplish.

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The battery alert light means there is a problem with your car’s battery, charging system, or alternator. You will want to get this problem taken care of right away.
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