What To Do If Your Car’s Engine Start Indicator Warning Light Is On?

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If the engine start indicator warning light appears on your car’s dashboard you forgot to engage the brake when you started the car’s ignition or got it out of neutral. 
Your dashboard warning light indicates an issue with your vehicle so it’s easy to feel a flood of panic when a light suddenly appears on your car’s dashboard, especially if it is one you’ve never seen before.
With over 100 different dashboard warning lights, it’s impossible to memorize what each of them means. That’s why price comparison and
car insurance
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has compiled everything you need to know about the engine start indicator symbol. We’ll explain what it is, what it means, and what you should do when it appears.
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What is the engine start indicator light on my dashboard?

The engine start light on your dashboard is an indicator for your car’s automatic shift lock release. This warning light will appear at two different times:
  • When you start your car: The engine start indicator light will show up and disappear when you start your car. 
  • When you are driving: If there is an issue with your automatic shift lock release, this light will stay illuminated while you are driving. 

What does the engine start indicator light look like? 

The appearance of the engine start indicator light can vary by manufacturer but will likely be one of the following images:
  • A boot near a pedal
  • A shoe near a pedal
  • A foot near a pedal

What does the engine start indicator light mean?

The engine start indicator has two different meanings with varying degrees of severity depending on when it illuminates.
If the engine start indicator light flashes when you turn the ignition switch or try to get out of neutral, you forgot to engage the brake pedal. This isn’t cause for panic, you just need to depress the brake pedal to start your vehicle. 
If the engine start indicator light stays illuminated while driving, your shift indicator could be failing. Common symptoms of a faulty shift indicator include:
  • The check engine light comes on
  • Wrong gear reading
  • Shift indicator does not move
You should immediately take your car to a mechanic if you notice any of the above symptoms. A bad shift indicator is hazardous and should be promptly repaired.

How to turn off your dashboard engine start indicator light

If the engine start indicator light is illuminated on your dashboard engage the brake pedal when you start your car or try to get it out of neutral. 
You should call a mechanic to have your vehicle’s shift indicator thoroughly inspected and repaired if depressing the brake pedal doesn’t turn off the light. 

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The foot and pedal symbol on your car’s dashboard is the engine start indicator light. When this light illuminates you need to engage the brake pedal when you turn the ignition vehicle or you have a faulty engine indicator.

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