2017 Toyota Corolla Engine Oil Capacity

The 2017 Toyota Corolla’s oil capacity is 4.4 quarts. Not sure how to refill the 2017 Toyota Corolla engine oil? We’ve got all the details.
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Regular oil changes can improve your 2017 Toyota Corolla’s fuel economy and keep its engine in better condition. If you plan to do it yourself, not only will you need to know how to fill your Corolla with 4.4 quarts of oil, but you’ll also need to know what type of oil it needs.
When you bring your car to the local mechanic or dealership service center for an oil change, you pay for a lot more than new engine oil. You have to pay for your technician’s time and labor too—and those fees can change depending on where you live and what kind of car you have. 
If you want to learn how to do an oil change yourself, let
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get you started. In this guide, we’ll talk about the 2017 Toyota Corolla’s engine oil capacity, oil type, how to complete an oil change at home, and an extra tip to help lower your
Toyota Corolla insurance costs

2017 Toyota Corolla engine oil capacity

The 2017 Toyota Corolla needs exactly 4.4 quarts of oil for its 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine.
If you own a 2017 Toyota Corolla and want to change its oil yourself, get to know the basic terminology first! Your car’s engine oil capacity is the amount of oil you need in order to complete your car’s oil change — 4.4 quarts, in our case. While your Corolla’s 1.8-liter
engine displacement
refers to the total volume of all cylinders in your engine. 
It’s crucial to learn the difference between your engine’s oil capacity and its displacement since the numbers are not interchangeable

What kind of oil does a 2017 Toyota Corolla need?

Once you’ve figured out how much oil your Corolla needs, the next step is to determine its oil type. This information is critical, since filling your car with the wrong oil can cause your engine to overheat
Toyota recommends SAE 0W-20 motor oil for the 2017 Corolla. It's up to you whether you use synthetic or conventional oil. If you’re not sure what those letters and numbers mean, let’s break it down: 
SAE simply stands for Society of Automotive Engineers, the group of people who designed the coding system for engine oils. The 0W tells us that the oil has a low viscosity in cold temperatures (hence the “W” for winter), while the 20 means it will also remain thin even in the heat of summer. The bottom line? 0W-20 is a multigrade oil that performs well under both hot and cold weather conditions.
To follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly,
Toyota Genuine Motor Oil
is an excellent place to start.
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How often to change oil on a 2017 Toyota Corolla

In general, how often you need to change your oil depends on the type of oil you use. If you use conventional oil, it’s a good idea to change it every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. But experts recommend changing synthetic oil every 7,500 to 10,000 miles instead. Drivers who don’t use their car much should consider changing their oil every six months in order to keep their engine clean.
Here are some signs that you might be overdue for an oil change:
  • Dark-colored oil. Dark brown or black oil is old oil that needs to be changed. Clean oil will be light brown or amber in color.
  • Thick or sludge-like oil. Fresh oil should look like a liquid. If it looks gritty or has an ooze-like appearance, it’s old and should be changed immediately.
  • Burning smell. If you smell smoke or burnt oil while you drive, you might need an oil change.
  • Knocking sounds. There are a few possible reasons why your car’s engine might knock, but old oil is one of them.

How to change your oil and oil filter

Before you attempt an
oil and filter change
yourself, make sure you’ve read some online guides or watched some video tutorials to get familiar with the process. 
Once you’re ready to give it a try, make sure the area where you plan to work is level so you can safely operate a floor jack. Next, gather your supplies: new SAE 0W-20 engine oil, a replacement filter, a wrench, and a drip pan. You should also have some rags handy in case of spills.
Now start your car and let the engine run until it reaches a normal operating temperature. It should only take a few minutes in mild weather, but if you’re working in the middle of winter you may want to let it run a little longer. Then, turn the car off, jack it up, and follow these steps:
  • Unscrew the oil fill cap.
  • Remove the oil drain bolt and washer from underneath the engine, and let the old oil drain out into your drip pan. 
  • Remove your old oil filter and install the new one.
  • Replace the oil drain bolt using a new washer and tighten it.
  • Use your new oil to refill the engine, and check that you’ve added the correct amount with a dipstick.
  • Replace the fill cap and tighten it. 
To make sure you’ve done everything correctly, turn on your 2017 Toyota Corolla and let it run for a few minutes. As long as your car doesn’t begin leaking and your
oil pressure light
turns off, you’re safe to resume driving the car.
After changing your oil, it’s a good idea to turn on your car and let your engine run for about 30 seconds before you check the oil level. This will give you a more accurate measurement, and you’ll be able to top it off if necessary.
Remember, you should never dispose of old oil by dumping it out onto the ground or throwing it in the trash. Instead, secure it in a sealed container and bring it to a recycling center or auto parts store that accepts old motor oil.

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