2010 Mustang Bolt Pattern

A 2010 Mustang’s bolt pattern is 5x4.5 inches. Learn more here.
Written by Melanie Krieps Mergen
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
A 2010 Mustang Bolt Pattern bolt pattern is 5x4.5 inches. That means each wheel has five bolts forming a circle that measures 4.5 inches in diameter. 
Whether it’s out of necessity or a desire to give your ride a fresh look, there comes a time for almost any car owner to decide whether they should replace their current wheels with a new set. But not just any set will do—it’s essential that the wheels you pick have the right specifications for your vehicle, including the proper bolt pattern.
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2010 Mustang Bolt Pattern bolt pattern

Your vehicle’s bolt pattern gives you two pieces of information that are essential for finding the right wheel fit:
  • The number of bolts on each wheel
  • The diameter of the circle formed by the bolt arrangement
On the 2010 Ford Mustang, each wheel has 5 bolts that are arranged in a circle with a diameter of about 4.5 inches.
That means the 2010 Ford Mustang bolt pattern is 5x4.5 inches. Sometimes, bolt patterns are given in millimeters, in which case the bolt pattern would be 5x114.3 millimeters
As you’re looking for compatible wheels for your 2010 Mustang, it will also help to know some additional specifications:
  • Factory wheel size: 16” to 17”
  • Lug nut size: M12 x 1.75
  • Offset: Varies (typically 0 to 61 mm)
  • Center bore: 70.5mm
  • Wheel tightening torque: 135 Nm
Since wheel characteristics can vary somewhat based on certain configurations, you’ll want to verify whether these match your own Mustang’s specifications. If you’re unsure, you can always ask a certified mechanic, and wheel and tire shops usually have tools that let you check whether a certain wheel option is compatible with your vehicle.
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How to measure your Ford Mustang’s bolt pattern

Wanting to verify your own Ford Mustang’s bolt pattern for yourself? It’s pretty easy to do—all you need is some measuring tape or a ruler
Start your measurement at the outer edge of any bolt hole’s circle, then cut off your measurement at the center of the bolt holt directly opposite that bolt. 
Make note of this number: it’s the diameter of the bolt-hole circle. Place it after the total number of bolts on the wheel, and there you have it: your 2010 Ford Mustang bolt pattern!

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The 2010 Ford Mustang bolt pattern is typically 5x4.5 inches or 5x114.3 millimeters.
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