2010 Ford Fusion Fuel Filter Location

The 2010 Ford Fusion fuel filter is part of the fuel pump assembly, located under the back seat. Here’s what it does.
Written by Shannon Fitzgerald
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
As with most vehicles, the 2010 Ford Fusion’s fuel filter is located between the fuel tank and the engine as a permanent part of the fuel pump assembly. As a result, the whole fuel pump assembly will need to be serviced if your Fusion’s fuel filter is malfunctioning.
A competent mid-size sedan, the 2010 Ford Fusion has been a long-time family favorite thanks to its spacious and comfortable interior, decent fuel economy, and easy affordability. Available in four trims and two V6 engine options—plus, a fuel-sipping hybrid powertrain—the 2010 Fusion offers a versatile driving experience whether you’re seeking a thrill or a solid commuter. 
With so much value packed into this used sedan, it’s even more important that you know how to keep up with its maintenance and repairs—including its fuel filter. To get you started,
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Where is the fuel filter on a 2010 Ford Fusion?

The fuel filter in any vehicle is located in between the fuel tank and the engine—after all, this is how it serves its purpose of keeping damaging debris from the gas out of the engine. In the 2010 Ford Fusion, the fuel filter is part of the fuel pump assembly, which is situated under the center seat of the back row. 
Within that fuel pump assembly, the fuel filter ensures contaminants stay out of your Fusion’s gas as it makes its way from the fuel tank to the fuel injectors. It works with the fuel pump’s level sending unit and a fuel pressure regulator to keep fuel clean throughout your vehicle, too—making it just as crucial as an air or oil filter. 
Designed to last your Fusion’s lifetime, the fuel filter should not require regular maintenance or replacement unless an issue comes up. That said, because the fuel filter is attached to the fuel pump, an issue with the fuel filter means you will need to replace the fuel pump entirely. While this may seem excessive, it’s actually strategic: in many cases, a clogged fuel filter is related to a malfunction in the fuel pump anyway. 
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Signs of a clogged fuel filter

So how do you tell if your Fusion’s fuel filter is clogged? In this scenario, your gas won’t be able to get to your engine in sufficient quantities. Here are some common symptoms of this: 
When your Ford Fusion’s fuel filter is faulty, your fuel efficiency will go down and your emissions output will go up. Getting your fuel filter replaced can therefore help save you at the pump, too.  

2010 Ford Fusion fuel pump replacement

Since your fuel filter is part of the fuel pump assembly in a 2010 Ford Fusion, you’ll need to replace the whole pump if the filter is damaged or clogged. Unfortunately, this can get a little pricey.
Generally, a 2010 Ford Fusion’s
fuel pump replacement
costs around $250 on average with prices ranging between $80 and $550 depending on where you get your parts from. The most expensive replacement will be an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part, which you can get straight through your dealer. On the cheaper side of things, you can also purchase an aftermarket fuel pump replacement from retailers like
Advance Auto Parts
, or even
These are only the costs of the part itself, though. If you choose to get a professional involved, you’re looking at around $224 to $283 in labor costs. Of course, you’re always welcome to change your fuel pump assembly on your own if you know your way around your Fusion, just be sure that you consult with your owner’s manual before making a purchase. 

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