2009 Chrysler Sebring Fuel Filter Location

The 2009 Chrysler Sebring fuel filter is part of the fuel pump housing, so if you’ve got a filter problem, you’ll need to replace the entire pump.
Written by R.E. Fulton
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Updated on Oct 19, 2022
The 2009 Chrysler Sebring convertible doesn’t have an external fuel filter. Instead, the fuel filter is part of the fuel pump module located inside the fuel tank
The Chrysler Sebring is a fairly reliable mid-size car with the style and swagger of a much more expensive car. Succeeded in 2011 by the Chrysler 200, the Sebring is well-remembered by many for its plucky powertrain and sleek looks. But if you own a 2009 Chrysler Sebring, you should be aware of the repair needs of this used convertible. 
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. In this guide, we’ll focus on the fuel filter, a small but essential component of the 2009 Sebring. 
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Where is the fuel filter on a 2009 Chrysler Sebring?

No matter what car you own, the fuel filter is always located between the fuel tank and the engine to filter out any contaminants or debris before the gasoline reaches the engine. In the case of the 2009 Chrysler Sebring, the fuel filter is located in the fuel tank itself and is attached to the fuel pump
The fuel filter’s job is to, well, filter out any contaminants in your car’s fuel as it travels from the gas tank to the fuel injectors. The pump that gets the fuel from Point A to Point B includes a fuel level sending unit, a fuel pressure regulator, and the filter that keeps it all clean. Just like an air filter or an oil filter, the fuel filter is an essential component of your car. 
While older Sebrings, like a 90s Sebring LXI, may have an external fuel filter that can be replaced separately, the 2009 Sebring is designed so that the fuel filter will always be replaced along with the fuel pump. There’s a good reason for that: if you’ve got a problem with your fuel filter, it’s likely related to contaminants or malfunctions in the fuel pump

Signs of a clogged fuel filter

Not sure if your fuel filter is to blame for the problems you’re noticing? While a bad fuel filter often goes hand in hand with other problems in the fuel system, these are a few common indicators of a filter that needs to go: 
  • Trouble starting the car
  • Loud noises from the fuel pump 
  • Idling, sputtering, and engine misfires
  • Vehicle stalling
  • Reluctant acceleration
  • Strong odors from the exhaust
  • Check Engine Light illuminated
A bad fuel filter can also reduce fuel economy and increase emissions, making a replacement an important priority. 
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2009 Chrysler Sebring fuel pump replacement

To replace the fuel filter on a 2009 Sebring, you’ll need to replace the entire pump. That’s because there’s no in-line filter in the 2009 Sebring’s fuel line: instead, the filter is part of the pump module. 
The cost of a replacement pump—including the new fuel filter—is about $103 to $315, depending on the brand you purchase. For an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement, you’ll have to pay more, and you’re better off going directly to the dealership. If you’re looking for an affordable replacement, however, you can find decent aftermarket options at a retailer like
Advance Auto Parts
O’Reilly Auto Parts
But that’s just the cost of the parts. Factor in labor costs, and your 2009 Chrysler Sebring
fuel pump replacement
could cost anywhere from $234 to $673. If you’re confident in your automotive repair skills, you can replace the part at home to save money—but be sure to check the part number and consult your owner’s manual before making any purchases! 

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