All About Toyota Corolla ECO Mode

Learn how to use your Toyota Corolla’s ECO mode to improve fuel efficiency and expand your vehicle’s lifespan.
Written by Drew Waterstreet
Reviewed by Christelle Agustin
Toyota Corolla ECO mode takes some pressure off your engine and improves fuel economy by reducing acceleration response and limiting the range of your climate controls.
ECO mode is a great tool for getting a few extra miles out of your gas tank and reducing wear and tear on your engine. And if we know anything about Toyota Corolla owners, it’s that efficiency and reliability are always top priorities.
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What is the Toyota Corolla ECO mode?

ECO mode is an alternate driving mode on the Toyota Corolla that can be activated at any time by the driver. Switching to ECO mode should improve fuel efficiency and alleviate some pressure on your powertrain system—here’s how it functions:
  • Tones down the sensitivity of your throttle response 
  • Limits the maximum range of your climate controls (heating/cooling)
  • Alters transmission shift points
Now, it’s important to note that ECO mode still ends up delivering the same amount of power over a given period of acceleration. But it does tone down the initial burst of energy to get moving again. As a result, this can be great for stop-and-go traffic because accelerating too fast is just a waste if you will need to stop again shortly.

Does Toyota Corolla ECO mode save fuel?

Yes, you can expect better fuel economy when using ECO mode on your Toyota Corolla. By reducing the sensitivity of the throttle, the driver can better avoid unnecessary or excessive throttle input. The power saved from this process will allow your engine to be more fuel-efficient.

Does Toyota Corolla ECO mode charge the battery?

No, ECO mode does not charge your Corolla’s battery. In fact, only the Hybrid LE trim utilizes a hybrid powertrain. But even then, ECO mode is not required for the battery to (re)charge.

What’s the difference between Sport and ECO mode?

Think of Sport mode as the alternate personality to ECO mode. Rather than reducing the sensitivity of your gas pedal, Sport Mode allows you to access more power off the jump. Sport mode is ideal for situations where you need a little extra juice, like merging onto a highway or climbing a steep hill.
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How to turn Toyota Corolla ECO mode on and off

This can vary across model years and trim levels, but most models have a physical button in the center dashboard with an “ECO” label. More specifically, it’s usually located near the gear shifter. However, if there’s no physical button, you may have to look through your digital interface to find the driving modes menu.
Once you’ve located your ECO mode control, you can turn it on and off based on the demands of your current driving environment.
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Is the Toyota Corolla ECO mode worth it?

Yes! And for more reasons than you might think. As we’ve covered, you can expect to get a few more miles per gallon when using ECO mode thanks to its innovative ability to regulate and distribute energy. 
But, a bonus benefit of ECO mode putting less pressure on your Corolla’s engine is the slowed rate of natural wear and tear. As a result, this should expand the lifespan of your vehicle!
Key Takeaway If you’re a Toyota Corolla owner who values efficiency and reliability, then you will find ECO mode to be a very advantageous tool.
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