Your Guide to Progressive Policy Renewal

Time to renew your Progressive insurance policy? Read this guide before you do.
Written by Macy Fouse
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
When it’s time to renew your Progressive insurance policy, you’ll receive a notice reminding you of your policy expiration date and your updated rate if you choose to renew. If you’re signed up for automatic payments, you may not have to lift a finger to renew your coverage.
For the most part, car insurance companies will offer you a renewal rate when the time comes as long as you’ve been a decent customer. When your policy expiration date approaches, it’s easy to renew your
coverage—but not so fast. You might want to look into other options before you assume Progressive is still your best choice.
Whether you want to keep it simple or save as much as you can on
car insurance
, we’ve got everything you need to know about Progressive policy renewal—and what to do if you decide not to renew!

How can you renew car insurance with Progressive?

For the most part, renewing your Progressive auto insurance policy is a straightforward process. When your renewal date approaches, you’ll get a notice informing you of your policy expiration date and updated car insurance rate if you choose to renew.
If everything looks good with your new rate, you’ll just need to make the initial payment at the new rate—or you can pay your entire renewal quote to qualify for a
paid-in-full discount
. You can pay your new policy online, via the Progressive app, via text, by phone, or by mail.
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When to complete your Progressive car insurance renewal

About a month before your policy expires or renews, Progressive will send you a notice either in the mail or via email. If you like the look of the renewal rate they provide, you’ll want to seal in that deal before your current policy expires. Otherwise, you risk having a
lapse in coverage
—which will lead to even higher rates when you get a new policy no matter what company it’s with.
Average car insurance policies last either six months or twelve months—but if you’re locked into a price you’re not happy with, you don’t have to wait for your policy to end before you switch car insurance companies. If you discover a better
car insurance quote
with another company, you can
cancel your Progressive insurance
at any time without a cancellation fee.
Even if you are happy with your Progressive coverage, experts recommend shopping for car insurance
every six months
to make sure you’re not overpaying for coverage. The easiest way to do this is by using an online broker or
insurance comparison app
that compares rates from multiple providers.

Do you have to renew your insurance policy with Progressive?

If you paid for your Progressive policy upfront, your policy won’t automatically renew. You will need to manually renew your coverage following the instructions listed on your renewal notice. Some states also require you to sign certain forms or other actions to renew your policy.
If you have automatic payments set up to pay your insurance costs, your Progressive policy will usually renew automatically. If that’s you—and you’re not too keen on the renewal rate or other changes they provided you—you’ll need to cancel your policy before your new policy term starts and your payment is automatically paid.
Automatic renewals can be handy but also mean your insurer can
increase rates
without you noticing. Make sure you’re paying attention to your policy dates and payments!
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If you’ve signed up for automatic payments, Progressive will auto-renew your policy. You’ll want to pay close attention to your policy renewal date so you don't get stuck overpaying for a new policy before you check out your other options.
If you’ve paid your Progressive premium upfront or aren’t enrolled in automatic payments, your policy won’t be renewed until you take the necessary actions to renew.
It’s possible. Car insurance rates fluctuate due to a variety of reasons—some based on your individual factors and some influenced by outside factors. Changes in your credit score, changing your deductible amount, adding insurance coverage, getting a new car, moving to a new area, or changes in your discount eligibility could all lead to increases in your premium. Rates can also increase because of economic conditions, crime rates, and other external causes.
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