Guide to Progressive Car Insurance Renewal

If you’re enrolled in autopay, your Progressive policy will renew automatically. However, if you want to cancel your car insurance policy, you should shop around for new quotes.
Written by Kornelia Drianovski
Edited by Jessica Barrett
If you’re enrolled in autopay,
will automatically renew your
car insurance
. Check your renewal notice ahead of your policy’s expiration date to decide whether to let your policy renew—or
and shop for a better rate. 

How car insurance renewal works with Progressive 

Progressive will automatically
renew your car insurance
policy if you’re enrolled in autopay. You’ll get a notice a few weeks before your renewal date. If you don’t have automatic payments set up, you can renew your policy by sending in the first payment on the new policy. 
If you have paperless documents turned on, you should receive an email with your renewal details–if not, you’ll receive your renewal details in the mail. 
Either way, the details will list any changes to your payments and how long your term is. It will also detail any changes to your insurance coverage.

Your options: Make a payment or schedule to cancel

Option 1: Make a payment
Progressive offers a variety of convenient payment options for your car insurance policy. You can easily manage payments by:
  • Logging in
  • Using the Progressive mobile app
  • Paying via text or calling the customer service hotline at 1 (800) 776-4737
  • Setting up automatic payments 
Option 2: Schedule to cancel
While Progressive car insurance policies can't be canceled online, you can
cancel your policy
  • Calling Progressive at 1 (866) 416-2003 and asking to cancel your insurance coverage. Provide your policy number and the date you’d like your coverage to end.
  • Mailing a signed letter with your name, address, policy number, and cancellation date to Progressive Corporation 6300 Wilson Mills Rd, Mayfield Village, OH 44143. Send the letter at least 10 days before your policy’s end date. 
  • Emailing a formal request for cancellation to Progressive customer service via your online account. Include your personal info, policy number, and cancellation date. 
Don’t cancel without a new policy set up
If you choose the cancellation route, be sure to compare car insurance quotes in advance of your renewal date and set up your new insurance before you cancel the old policy. 
Take some time to research
car insurance quotes
and decide if canceling will save you money in the long term. If you decide to cancel your policy, your next step is to shop for a new rate—and it’s best to have your new policy scheduled before you even call to cancel so that you can give Progressive the name of your new insurer.
app screenshot
You can compare Progressive’s car insurance rates with real quotes from dozens of other providers in the
app—and activate your policy immediately if you’re ready to cancel with Progressive.
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Why your Progressive insurance might have gone up at renewal 

If you’ve noticed a rate increase in your Progressive insurance, there can be several reasons:
  • Your driver profile: Your age, zip code, and credit score can all impact what you end up paying for your insurance premium, especially if you’re evaluated as a higher-risk driver. 
  • Your coverage: You’ll pay a bit more for better coverage if you've raised your
    liability insurance
    limits above the state minimum or expand your coverage options. Similarly, if you choose a lower deductible, you’ll pay a higher insurance premium. Lastly, if you have an
    insurance lapse
    with Progressive, you’ll likely pay higher rates than before the lapse.  
  • Your driving habits: Car insurance companies commonly raise rates during your policy renewal if you’ve made recent insurance claims or received violations on your driving record.
  • The economy: Market forces such as inflation and higher vehicle repair and replacement costs have raised insurance premiums across the country. 

Why is my renewal rate higher than new quotes with Progressive? 

If your renewal rate with Progressive is higher than new quotes, you could be experiencing what’s commonly referred to as a loyalty tax. This occurs when providers assume that their customers won’t shop around and, as a result, charge them higher car insurance premiums than they offer to new customers.
To keep insurance costs low, it’s a good idea to explore potential
insurance discounts
(such as homeowner or safe driver discounts), both from your current car insurance company and others in the market. Consider searching for new insurers that may offer better discounts suited to your needs.


Does Progressive automatically renew my auto insurance policy?

Without autopay, insurance policies will still renew automatically (unless canceled or non-renewed), but you must pay before your renewal date in order to maintain an active policy.

How to renew insurance online?

To renew your Progressive policy online, go to
and log in. Follow the steps on the screen and make sure to have a credit card ready. 

Why would Progressive not renew my policy?

Progressive may choose not to renew your auto insurance policy for reasons such as a high-risk driving profile, non-payment of premiums, major negative changes in your driving record, or engaging in fraudulent activities. Carefully review any communication from Progressive regarding non-renewal and address the specific reasons outlined to find alternative coverage if necessary.

Does Progressive raise car insurance rates after 6 months?

​​In some cases, Progressive may increase rates after six months. For new Progressive policyholders, it's important to expect a potential premium increase after the initial 6-month policy period—particularly if you’ve filed a claim or received a traffic violation. 

How can I get a quote for Progressive insurance?

To get a quote from Progressive, visit their website or call 1 (800) 776-4737 to provide details about yourself, your motor vehicle, and your driving history. Alternatively, you can use the Progressive mobile app or a licensed insurance agent like the Jerry app. 

How do I change a car on my Progressive policy?

Whether you’re adding a new car to your policy or switching your household’s main vehicle, log in to your online account or call 1 (800) 776-4737. Provide details about the new vehicle, including the make, model, year, and VIN, and be prepared for potential premium adjustments. 

What is the difference between Progressive and State Farm?

Typically, both Progressive and
State Farm
provide a diverse range of supplementary coverages. To determine which insurer best suits your needs, compare quotes and coverage options. 

Can my car insurance rate increase during my Progressive policy term?

According to Progressive
, the only reason for your rate to increase mid-policy term is if you make changes to it, such as adding or subtracting drivers or vehicles. 

How do I cancel my insurance policy?

To cancel your Progressive insurance policy, either call Progressive at 1 (866) 416-2003, mail a signed letter to Progressive Corporation 6300 Wilson Mills Rd, Mayfield Village, OH 44143, or email a formal cancellation request. Whatever option you choose, make sure to provide your name, address, policy number, and cancellation date.

What is Progressive's customer service number?

Progressive’s customer service phone number is 1 (800) 776-4737.

Should I stay with Progressive insurance?

Canceling your Progressive policy might be a good idea if you have a lower rate lined up from a different auto insurance company,
a bundling offer
from another insurer for auto and homeowners insurance or auto and renters insurance, or if you’re
selling your car
and don’t plan to own a vehicle in the future.

Where can I find my Progressive renewal rate online? 

You can find your Progressive renewal rate by visiting your
user profile

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