How to Cancel Progressive Insurance: A Step-By-Step Guide

You can cancel your Progressive insurance at any time by calling 1 (866) 416-2003—but make sure you have new insurance lined up first.
Written by Amy Bobinger
Edited by Jessica Barrett
allows policyholders to cancel their
car insurance
policy at any time by mail, by phone, or via email—but you can’t cancel your policy online, and you should have a new policy in place before you call. 

You can cancel Progressive auto insurance at any time—but make sure it’s the right move

You can cancel your Progressive policy any time you want—even if you only purchased the coverage a few days ago. You don’t need to wait for your renewal date, but you do need to have a new auto insurance policy in place before you deactivate your current coverage. 
Before you call Progressive to start the cancellation process, make sure you’re ready to cancel by looking into the terms and conditions of cancellation. You should:
Ask about cancellation fees: Progressive sometimes charges a fee for canceling your auto insurance policy, particularly if you’re in your first policy term. Some customers reported fees around $50 to $65 when canceling their Progressive auto insurance policy.
Determine your refund eligibility: Like most car insurance companies, Progressive will refund unused insurance premiums if you paid for your coverage in full. But the exact amount you get back varies, so contact Progressive before you cancel to ask about your potential refund.
If you cancel your policy with Progressive and don’t have a new policy set up, Progressive will report a coverage lapse to the DMV. Before you call to cancel, have the name of your new insurance provider ready to avoid confusion.
Canceling your Progressive policy mid-term is a good idea if: 
  • You have a lower rate lined up from a different auto insurance company 
  • You have
    a bundling offer
    from another insurer for auto and homeowner or auto and renters insurance
  • You are
    selling your vehicle
    and don’t intend to own a car in the future 
If you’re in your first policy term with Progressive or don’t have new car insurance coverage set up, don’t cancel immediately. 
app screenshot
Instead, take some time to research
car insurance quotes
and decide if canceling will save you money in the long term.
You can compare Progressive’s car insurance rates with real quotes from dozens of other providers in the
app—and activate your policy right away if you’re ready to cancel with Progressive.

Don’t drop insurance when you sell your car

If you’re canceling your Progressive car insurance policy because you’re selling your vehicle, you still need insurance—unless you don’t plan to own a car in the future. A coverage lapse could set you up for high insurance rates, even if you didn’t own a vehicle during that period.
Instead of canceling outright, reach out to your Progressive agent to ask about converting your current policy into
a non-owner policy
when you sell your vehicle. You’ll retain temporary liability coverage until you get a new car and earn a much better rate on new insurance when you’re back on the road.

The 3 ways to cancel Progressive car insurance

Call Progressive at 1 (866) 416-2003 and ask to cancel your insurance coverage. Be ready to provide your policy number and the date you’d like your coverage to end.
Send a signed letter with your name, address, policy number, and cancellation date to Progressive Corporation 6300 Wilson Mills Rd, Mayfield Village, OH 44143. Be sure to send the letter at least 10 days before the date you want your policy to end.
Email a formal request for cancellation to Progressive customer service via your online account. Include all the same information as above: personal information, policy number, and cancellation date.
You can’t cancel Progressive insurance online or through the mobile app. However, if you’ve already set up a new car insurance policy through the Jerry app, Jerry’s agents can work with you through the app to cancel your Progressive policy, reducing the amount of legwork you need to do on your own.

Does Progressive charge cancellation fees? 

Sometimes. Progressive doesn’t make their cancellation fee policy public, but they’re more likely to charge a fee if you cancel your Progressive insurance before you reach the first renewal date. 

Does Progressive refund if you cancel early?

Yes, but the amount of your refund will vary depending on your state laws and whether you were charged a cancellation fee. You’re also unlikely to be eligible for a refund if you paid your premiums on a monthly payment plan instead of in full. 
If you’re eligible for a refund, you’ll receive it in the same way you paid your original premium. If you paid via credit card, it will be charged back to your account; if you used an electronic transfer, the money will be returned to your bank account. Refunds are typically processed within 12 to 14 business days.
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Can I cancel my Progressive insurance online? 

No, you cannot cancel Progressive insurance online or through the mobile app. The easiest way to cancel Progressive insurance is by phone, but you can also cancel by mail or email.

What is the phone number to cancel Progressive insurance?

Call 1 (866) 416-2003 to cancel your Progressive insurance. You’ll be connected directly to an insurance agent who can help you cancel your policy. Be ready to provide the name of your new insurer to keep the process quick and easy.  

What happens if you cancel with Progressive? 

If you cancel your Progressive insurance, your coverage with Progressive will end and you will be refunded for any unused premiums you previously paid for. In some cases, Progressive may charge a cancellation fee, which will reduce your refund. When your Progressive insurance is canceled, you will be uninsured unless you activate a new policy the same day. 

Is there a fee to cancel insurance with Progressive? 

Sometimes. Progressive does not make their cancellation fee policy public, but some former policyholders report being charged a cancellation fee up to $65, especially when canceling before their first policy renewal. If you do have to pay a cancellation fee, it will usually be charged as a deduction from your refund.

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