How to Get a Tennessee Driver’s License Reinstatement

The fee to reinstate a suspended Tennessee driver’s license once you’ve served your suspension period is between $20 and $103.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Edited by Pat Roache
You can apply to reinstate your Tennessee driver's license through the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security (TDOS) once you’ve served your suspension period, fulfilled any additional requirements, and paid the necessary fees—$20 to $228, depending on the circumstances.
  • The State of Tennessee can suspend your license for a wide variety of violations, and each comes with a different reinstatement process.
  • License reinstatement fees range from about $20 to $103. 
  • Tennessee drivers with license suspensions may also need to pay a $50 fee for SR-22 filing and a $75 for failing to surrender their license within 20 days.
  • Tennessee driver’s license reinstatement requests can be submitted
    , by fax, by mail, or in person at your local Driver License Reinstatement Center.

How to reinstate your Tennessee driver’s license

The Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security (TDOS) oversees driver’s license reinstatements in the state. Generally, you’ll need to complete the following steps to reinstate a
suspended driver’s license in Tennessee
  • Surrender your license at a driver service center within 20 days or risk a $75 fee
  • Serve the entire suspension period
  • Satisfy any reinstatement requirements, such as completing a
    defensive driving course
    or paying any outstanding fines or taxes
  • Pay a reinstatement fee (usually between $20 and $103)
  • Apply to reissue the suspended or revoked license through the TDOS
What to expect: The exact requirements you’ll need to fulfill to reinstate your Tennessee license after a suspension or revocation will depend on the violation that caused your driving privileges to be taken away in the first place.
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TN driver’s license reinstatement fees

Tennessee driver’s license reinstatement fees range from $25 to $103 depending on the violation. Here’s what you can generally expect
  • DUIs
    : $103 
  • Uninsured car accidents: $25 (property damage) or $103 (fatalities or injuries)
  • SR-22 cancellation: $65
  • 12 violation points: $65
You may also have to pay fees for the following:
  • A $50 fee for SR-22 filing
  • A $75 fee if you failed to surrender your driver’s license within 20 days of suspension

Driving under the influence license reinstatement

Your license will be revoked for one to eight years if you’re convicted of a
DUI in Tennessee
. Your exact revocation period will depend on the severity of the offense and whether you have a previous DUI conviction:
  • First DUI: One year
  • Second DUI: Two years
  • Third DUI: Six years
  • Subsequent DUIs: Eight years
Reinstating a revoked license after a DUI comes with a ton of requirements. In addition to serving the entire mandatory suspension period, you must: 
  • Provide proof of installation for an ignition interlock device for at least 365 days
  • Contact the court for a court certification
  • Complete a court-ordered Drug and Alcohol Education course (for repeat offenders only)
  • Maintain
    SR-22 insurance
    for three to five years
  • Pay a $103 reinstatement fee 
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Your Tennessee license may be suspended for one year after a car accident in either of the following circumstances: 
You’ll be able to avoid a license suspension for uninsured accidents that don’t involve injury, death, or property damage if you can provide proof that you had liability insurance on the date of the accident. Otherwise, you’ll have to satisfy the following requirements: 
  • Serve the full one-year mandatory suspension
  • Obtain a court certification
  • Provide proof of financial responsibility (for a hit-and-run with property damage) or SR-22 insurance (for injuries or fatalities) 
  • Pay a reinstatement fee of $25 (property damage) or $103 (injuries or fatalities) 

Driving without insurance license reinstatement

Your license can be suspended indefinitely if you’re convicted of failure to show proof that you meet
Tennessee’s minimum insurance requirements
You can avoid a suspension if: You can provide proof of insurance that was active on the date of the violation within 30 days of your conviction.
If you miss the 30-day deadline or didn’t have insurance at the time, you’ll need to complete the following steps to get your license back: 
  • Purchase liability insurance that meets Tennessee’s minimum requirements 
  • Pay a $65 reinstatement fee 

Failure to maintain SR-22 insurance license reinstatement 

Tennessee law requires drivers to carry
SR-22 insurance
as proof of financial responsibility after certain serious violations (like a DUI). You’ll usually need to maintain this coverage for three to five years.
What to expect: If you cancel SR-22 insurance before the required coverage period is over, your insurance company will report the cancellation to the Department of Safety as an SR-26. Your license can be suspended indefinitely if you don’t file a new SR-22 or prove that you didn’t cancel your policy within 20 days.
Within the 20-day deadline, you’ll need to: 
  • File a new SR-22 insurance form 
  • Pay a $65 reinstatement fee and a $50 SR-22 fee

Driver violation point license reinstatements

Tennessee uses a driver violation points system that will suspend your license if you accumulate 12 or more points in a single 12-month period. 
What to expect: You’ll get a notice of proposed suspension and a chance to argue your case at an administrative hearing. If you don’t request the hearing, or if your argument is unconvincing, your license will be suspended for six months to one year. 
To get your Tennessee license reinstated after 12 points, you must: 
  • Complete a defensive driving course and submit the certificate of completion.
  • File an SR-22 form dated after your notice of proposed suspension.
  • Pay a $65 reinstatement fee and a $50 SR-22 fee.
Keep in mind: You’re only permitted to take a defensive driving course once every five years—so your reinstatement may take longer if you habitually rack up a lot of traffic violation points.
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If your license was suspended for any other reason

There are plenty of other reasons that your Tennessee license can be suspended, including:
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Defaulting on a traffic ticket payment plan
  • Academic truancy
  • Driving away without paying for your gas
If you’re dealing with a suspension for any reasons not previously mentioned in our list, head to the driver’s license reinstatement guide on the
TPOS website
for more detailed instructions. 

Where to submit your reinstatement documents

There are four ways to submit your compliance documents and fees: online, in person at a Driver License Reinstatement Center, via fax, or by mail. 
  • Online via e-services: Log in to your
    TDOS e-services
    account and upload any necessary documents. Be prepared to enter your last name, date of birth, driver’s license number, and Social Security number. 
  • In person: Look for a
    reinstatement center
    near you to submit your documents in person. 
  • Fax: The fax number for all reinstatement documents is (615) 242-3480. 
  • By mail: Mail your application to the address listed below and include your full name, date of birth, and driver’s license number with the mailed documents. 
Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security
Attention to: Reinstatements
P.O. Box 945
Nashville, TN 37202
How long it takes: No matter what method you use, don’t expect to get your license back immediately. The Financial Responsibility Office reviewing your car typically needs about five business days to accept or reject your application. 

How to check your Tennessee driver’s license status

To check the status of your suspended Tennessee license, you can call the Department of Safety & Homeland Security at 866-849-3548 or 866-903-7357, or check online via e-services. 

How to get a restricted driver’s license in Tennessee

You might need to apply for a restricted Tennessee license if you don’t have access to alternative transportation during your mandatory suspension period.
A restricted driver’s license allows drivers to get to and from necessary activities (e.g. work or school) during the driver’s license suspension period. You may be eligible for a restricted license if your license was suspended or revoked due to: 
  • A DUI conviction (including underage DUI)
  • Drag racing
  • Implied consent/refusal to test BAC
  • Underage drug or alcohol violations 
  • Driving away from a gas station without paying for fuel 
  • Failure to pay a traffic citation 
  • Failure to establish financial responsibility
  • Failure to satisfy a criminal offense 
What to do: Applying for a restricted license generally follows the same process as applying for reinstatement: you may need to obtain a court certification, pay a license fee, and get SR-22 insurance. For detailed instructions, head to the
TPOS website
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You can apply for reinstatement of your Tennessee license online via e-services. To find out which documents you need to reinstate your license, read the detailed instructions above for reinstating a license based on the reason for suspension.
The fee for reinstating a suspended license in Tennessee is typically between $20 and $103. However, if you’re required to purchase SR-22 insurance, there will be an additional $50 fee, and you’ll have to pay an extra $75 if you failed to surrender the license within 20 days of suspension.
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