What Does the Engine Code P3000 Mean?

When you see the engine code P3000, it means your car has a battery control system malfunction.
Written by Kaitlin May
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Your car’s battery is arguably the most vital component of your car. When it’s not recharging properly, the engine code P3000 will be triggered. While your car may run smoothly at first, it won’t be long before you notice sporadic system failures in your car.
Car battery alerts can cover a range of engine issues. That’s why having the ability to identify the source of diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) with an OBD-II code reader is key to getting your car back on track in a cost-effective, efficient way.
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What does the engine code P3000 mean?

Definition: Battery control system malfunction
The engine code P3000 is displayed when the high voltage (HV) battery responsible for powering your vehicle has a decreased state of charge (SOC). The HV battery can lose its luster when your car is left in neutral, running out of gas, or if the HV control system is faulty.

How much will it cost to fix?

A P3000 engine code diagnosis and repair will cost between $75 and $150 for the hour it takes to handle. 

What can cause the P3000 engine code?

Low fuel can impact your car’s battery control system. If you’re postponing filling your gas tank until tomorrow, you might want to reconsider.
Additional causes for the P3000 engine code can be:
  • Damage to the HV control system
  • Issues with the HV battery assembly

Common Symptoms of the P3000 engine code

Expect a visit from your check engine or “service engine soon” lights when you’ve got a P3000 issue on your hands. 
You likely won’t see any problems with drivability  when the code is active If you let it go for too long, though, you could start noticing some frustrating system faults that accompany a weak battery, like the following:
  • Sporadic warning lights may turn on and off 
  • Ignition, door locks, windows, and other features may operate inconsistently
  • Auto start/stop system may fail
  • Car alarm might go off spontaneously
  • Shifting gears out of park may no longer be possible

How serious is the P3000 engine code?

Overlooking the P3000 engine code, even when your car seems fine to drive, is never a good idea. Once your battery’s vitality is on the decline, it’ll only pose more serious issues with time. 
Maintaining a healthy amount of fuel regularly and addressing any battery blunders as soon as they present themselves can save you a nice chunk of time and money in the long run.

Can I fix the P3000 engine code myself?

Resolving a P3000 engine code could be as simple as getting the right amount of gas in your car, which you can easily manage on your own. 
If that doesn’t dispel the DTC, then you can inspect the wiring in the HV system for damage. If you notice wear and tear or corrosion on any of the related parts and have the tools and expertise to repair them, then you’ll be on your way to fixing the problem independently.
However, since the P3000 engine code comes along with a suffix DTC for several makes and models, you may need the support of a technician to pinpoint the issue
Pro tip: If you work from home or happen to have a low mileage car, that can impact your battery’s lifespan. Take your car for a long drive at least once a week to keep it charged.
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