How to Find Defensive Driving Courses in Nevada

Nevada motorists can attend traffic safety school as part of a plea bargain or to voluntarily reduce the number of points on their driving record.
Written by Jacqulyn Graber
Reviewed by Brenna Swanston
Some Nevada motorists are legally required to take a state-approved traffic safety school as part of a plea bargain, but some voluntarily choose to enroll in the course to reduce the number of points on their license and potentially lower their
car insurance
If you break the law while driving, there’s a good chance you’ll get pulled over and get a ticket. When you attend court, the judge may offer you a plea bargain to lessen your sentence. Said bargain may include your enrollment in a state-approved traffic safety course. 
Or, if you already have violation points on your Nevada driver’s license, you may voluntarily choose to enroll in a course, which could help clean up your driving record. 
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Taking a defensive driving course in Nevada could…

…be a part of your plea bargain agreement with a court of law 

If you get pulled over and issued a ticket, your town, county, or state’s district attorney—or the judge—may offer you a plea bargain. Essentially, this means you can reduce your sentence if you satisfy the agreed-upon terms.
For example, if you’re issued a speeding ticket (which typically results in both fees and points on your license), your plea bargain may include a reduced sentence of a parking ticket, if you attend a Nevada-approved traffic safety course.
If you have the time and ability to attend traffic safety school, this is a smart choice. Not only will the fees associated with a parking ticket be cheaper than those associated with a speeding ticket, but you’ll also get away with no points on your license, which means your car insurance rates won’t be affected

…reduce the number of points on your license 

Were you convicted of speeding in the past, and now you already have points on your driver’s license? Don’t worry—Nevada motorists may voluntarily enroll in a traffic safety course to reduce the number of points on their driver’s licenses.
Drivers who have accumulated between three and 11 points are eligible to enroll in school, which will remove three points from their license upon successful completion. Remember, if the course was part of a plea bargain, it will not reduce any existing points on your license. 
Keep in mind that you may only enroll in said course once in a 12-month period. So, if the course you take doesn’t reduce all of your points, you’ll have to wait another whole year before you can take the class again.

…earn you an insurance discount

Your driving record has a major effect on your insurance rates, so reducing the number of points on your license can already have a noticeable effect on your car insurance rates.
However, most insurance companies also offer car insurance discounts to those who complete a defensive driving course.
For example,
offers Nevada drivers up to 10% off applicable coverages if they’ve completed an approved traffic safety course. New or young drivers who complete driver’s education may also qualify for a discount.
If you want to know whether or not your insurance provider offers discounts, simply call your local agent and inquire! 
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…improve your driving skills

A defensive driving course is a special type of driver education course that teaches all of the basics of safe driving, defensive driving strategies, and your state’s driving laws. Some courses are offered online with videos, animations, and quizzes. Others are held in person and include group discussions and even hands-on experience. 
Either way, you’ll surely improve your driving knowledge and thus develop your safety skills, ultimately helping you to avoid driving violations and, more importantly, serious accidents. 
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How to find Nevada defensive driving courses 

The best way to find a Nevada traffic safety school is to check out the
Department of Motor Vehicle
’s (DMV’s) website. There, you’ll be able to explore DMV-approved driving schools by city. The website even breaks down which schools offer courses in person, online, and via mail-in correspondence. 
You’ll need to check out each school’s website for additional information regarding class location, cost, and when it’s offered.

How much is a defensive driving course in Nevada?

The exact cost of a defensive driving course in Nevada varies from school to school, but some schools offer courses for as little as $10.

How long is a defensive driving course in Nevada? 

A Nevada traffic safety course can be completed in one day. In-person courses will have set schedules, whereas online and mail-in correspondence courses are self-paced. In general, you can expect courses to take between one and six hours. 
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