Is Motorcycle Insurance Cheaper Than Car Insurance?

Motorcycle are cheaper to insure than cars. According to Jerry's data, motorcycle insurance costs $562 per year, while car insurance costs $1,496 per year.
Written by Jacoba Bood
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Generally speaking, motorcycle insurance is cheaper than car insurance. There are exceptions, though. Depending on the state that you live in and the value of the bike you ride, you could end up paying more for insurance than you would on a car.
Motorcycles are a fun way to get around, but they’re also riskier to drive than cars. Having the right insurance coverage where you need it the most can make all the difference.
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How much does it cost to insure a motorcycle?

On average,
motorcycle insurance
costs less than half of what car insurance costs. And by using the free
app to compare companies and find the cheapest premiums, you’ll always be getting the best rate. As a
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Average motorcycle and car insurance costs per year
Motorcycle insurance with Jerry
Car insurance with Jerry

Why do motorcycles cost less to insure than cars?

There are a few key reasons that motorcycles cost less to insure than cars.
  • They generally cost less to buy than cars
  • They are usually cheaper to fix and cheaper to replace, which tends to lower insurance costs
  • They are less likely to cause property damage in an accident
Insurance companies also take factors like safety ratings into account when setting their premiums. And while cars are generally considered safer to drive than motorcycles, even cars with top-safety ratings tend to cost more to insure.
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Can motorcycle insurance cost more than car insurance?

A motorcycle can cost more than a car—especially if it is an expensive model.
The type of motorcycle you drive definitely impacts your insurance rate. If you own an expensive, rare, or vintage model, parts will be harder to find and it will be more costly to replace. The state you live in can also impact your insurance rates for a motorcycle.
Key Takeaway Since motorcycles are usually cheaper than cars, cost less to fix, and cause less property damage in an accident, insurance rates for them are typically at least 50% less than cars.

Don’t forget potential medical expenses

Motorcycles may be cheaper to insure than cars, but they are not safer to drive. Stats released by the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
suggest that motorcyclists are up to five times more likely to get injured than other drivers.
If you drive a motorcycle, having additional coverage for medical expenses is always a good idea.
If you live in a no-fault state, you may not be required to carry
medical payment coverage
PIP coverage
. This means you could be on the hook for medical expenses if you get into an accident.
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Are motorcycles cheaper than cars?

For the most part, buying, owning, and maintaining a motorcycle is far cheaper. It depends on what exactly you're after, but it's possible to buy a motorbike for just a few thousand dollars. However, there are some catches. For a bike, you'll need to buy gear such as a helmet, leathers, and boots—which you'd have to pay for up front. Motorcycles also sometimes need servicing more often.

Is classic motorcycle insurance cheaper than normal motorcycle insurance?

Yes, older bikes tend to be cheaper to insure than newer ones. Since classic bikes typically require more care, and aren't used every day, insurers won't charge you as much—the same goes for classic car insurance.

How to get the best rates on motorcycle insurance

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