Is Liberty Mutual a good insurance company?

Overall, yes. 
We analyzed over 396 real customer reviews from Liberty Mutual. Of those reviews, we found that 59.92% were overwhelmingly positive, while 23.9% had a negative tone. 
When compared to the national average of 64% positive reviews and 18.54% negative reviews, Liberty Mutual ranks a bit lower than some other large providers in our survey. 
Liberty Mutual received mostly favorable comments, with praise directed at the company's reasonable
car insurance rates
and excellent customer support. Here’s an overview of what customers had to say about Liberty Mutual overall:
  • Friendly customer service
  • A variety of helpful and unique coverage options
  • Helpful website and mobile app
  • Affordable rates for drivers with an imperfect driving history
  • Price increases at renewal
  • Slow roadside assistance
We also asked policyholders to rate Liberty Mutual on their overall affordability, claims experience, customer service, and renewal process. 
See how Liberty Mutual’s ratings compared to the national average of all companies surveyed below:
Liberty Mutual
National Average
Claim Experience
Customer Service
Renewal Experience
When evaluating Liberty Mutual’s strengths and weaknesses, we thought it was important to take a look at how other industry leaders rated Liberty Mutual, in addition to our own survey data from real drivers. Here’s how Liberty Mutual stacks up against the national average for other insurance companies in the US: 
Liberty Mutual
Best score possible
BBB Rating
A.M. Best Rating
iOS App Store Rating
Google Play Store Rating

Is Liberty Mutual the right insurance company for you?

Liberty Mutual has a reputation for being one of the best car insurance companies for:
  • Drivers who are looking for unique coverage options
  • Teachers
  • Industry ratings—Liberty Mutual ranked third place for large insurers in J.D. Power’s 2022 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study1 and received high BBB and AM Best ratings
Liberty Mutual is available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. They offer a variety of coverage options as well as
. Their discounts are especially favorable to young drivers. 
Their insurance products include: 
  • Auto and vehicle: Standard,
    , boat and watercraft, antique and
    classic car
    , ATV and off road vehicle, recreational vehicle (RV), umbrella
  • Property:
    Home insurance
    renters insurance
    , condo insurance, landlord insurance, mobile home insurance, flood insurance, umbrella insurance
  • Business: small business, midsize and large business, industries, insights, business claims
  • Other: Life, identity theft,
    pet insurance  

Is Liberty Mutual car insurance expensive?

Compared to the
national average
of $121 per month, Liberty Mutual is slightly more expensive than other major providers.
Policies with Liberty Mutual average about $130 per month overall. State minimum policies cost about $87 per month, while a full coverage policy typically costs about $174 per month. 
Most Liberty Mutual customers found that they paid fair rates based on their driver profile. While some drivers complained of high costs, many said that Liberty Mutual offered the lowest rates despite the risk factors on the profile. 
According to our survey results, 24.24% of all surveyed Liberty Mutual reviews directly mentioned cost. Of those reviews that mentioned cost, 47.92% were positive and 31.25% were critical. 
Car insurance rates are highly individualized, meaning that every driver’s quote from Liberty Mutual will be different. Like other insurance companies, Liberty Mutual
calculates insurance premiums
based on: 

Will Liberty Mutual raise your rates?

Like all insurance companies, Liberty Mutual can only increase your rates
upon renewal
Some of the reasons your rate might go up with Liberty Mutual include: 
  • New violations or tickets
  • New accidents
  • New address
  • New vehicle on policy 
  • New driver on policy 
  • Inflation
According to our survey, 56% of drivers chose to renew their policy with Liberty Mutual. 
It’s important to understand that insurance companies often make changes to the way they price their policies, and it’s normal to experience some fluctuation over time even if there are no changes to your driver profile.

Does Liberty Mutual resolve claims fast? 

How long it takes Liberty Mutual to settle an
insurance claim
will depend on the type of claim and how severe it is. After you file a claim, a Liberty Mutual Claims Representative will go over the details and contact you within one to two business days. You’ll be able to upload documents, schedule repairs, and more in your online account. 
Your online account will also give you real-time updates on your claim’s progress.  
56% of our survey respondents who have a policy from Liberty Mutual reported having filed a claim. These customers rated Liberty Mutual a 3.3/5 for their claims process and subsequent resolutions. 
This indicated to us that some customers were dissatisfied with Liberty Mutual’s claims process. While this rating aligns with the overall national average, we ranked Liberty Mutual 17 overall when compared to companies of similar size when examining how verified customers reported their claims process experience with Liberty Mutual.

Does Liberty Mutual have good customer service?

Yes—customer service is one of Liberty Mutual’s strengths, but some providers do rank higher. 
Survey respondents scored Liberty Mutual’s customer service a 3.6 out of 5. In other words, when compared to the national average of 4, Liberty Mutual ranks just slightly lower in terms of customer service—but with 64% overall positive reviews, we’d still call this a strength. 
Highly rated reviews about Liberty Mutual’s customer service high marks often talked about how easy it was to get in touch with an insurance agent and how personal the service felt. 

Liberty Mutual car insurance discounts

Liberty Mutual has several
that can help you save money on your car insurance. 
If you practice safe driving behaviors, don't drive too much, and buy more than one policy from the same car insurance provider, you may be eligible for discounts that reduce your auto insurance premium. Taking advantage of discounts is a great way to save money on your car insurance.
Liberty Mutual offers the following discounts:
  • Homeowner discount: Owning a home can get you a discount.
  • Military discount:
    Members of the U.S. Armed Forces who are active, retired, or reserved qualify for a discount.
  • Early shopper discount: If you get a car insurance quote with Liberty Mutual before your policy expires, you could save when you sign-up with them again.
  • Good student discount:
    If you earn a 3.0 GPA or above, Liberty Mutual will reward you with a discount.
  • Student-away-at-school discount: If your child occasionally drives your car while they are away at school, you can earn a discount.
  • Claims-free discount: Drivers who haven’t filed a claim can receive a discount.
  • Violation-free discount: If you have no violations on your record, you can get a discount. 
  • RightTrack® discount:
    RightTrack is Liberty Mutual’s
    telematics program
    . You can receive a discount for signing-up and can earn additional savings of up to 30% if you practice safe driving behaviors.
  • Multi-policy discount:
    You can earn a discount if you bundle your policies with Liberty Mutual. 
  • Multi-car discount:
    If all of your cars are insured with Liberty Mutual, you can earn a discount. 
  • Preferred payment discount: Enrolling in automatic payments through your bank account or paying your premium in one or two payments can earn you a discount. 
  • Online purchase discount: If you buy online, you can earn a discount. 
  • Paperless policy discount: Signing up for a paperless policy can earn you a discount. Plus it is good for the environment!
The discounts offered with your Liberty Mutual policy are subject to change and may not be exactly the same as the discounts listed on our page. Contact Liberty Mutual’s customer service or
check out their website
for more information about their current discounts. 

Liberty Mutual coverage options

Liberty Mutual offers all the
minimum car insurance coverage
required by state laws in addition to several optional coverages. Most drivers need a
full coverage insurance policy
to meet all their insurance needs.
Liability insurance:
Most states require you to have a basic liability coverage policy. It pays for damage you cause to other drivers, not your own. Typically your policy will need to include
bodily injury liability
property damage liability
Collision insurance:
Collision coverage is an optional coverage for auto insurance that pays out when you damage your car in a collision with another car or stationary object, like a tree or guardrail.  
Comprehensive insurance:
Comprehensive coverage will cover damage to your car in incidents other than a collision, such as vandalism or if an animal hits your car. 
24-hour roadside assistance:
This coverage can help you out if you get stranded on the side of the road. Includes towing, jumpstarting, fuel delivery, flat tire changes, unlocking, and more.
Accident forgiveness:
If you add this optional coverage, your car insurance premium won’t go up after your first accident. 
Gap coverage:
Gap insurance will help cover the difference between the amount that you still owe on your car loan and its actual cash value (ACV) if it’s stolen or is a total loss.
Better car replacement: Liberty Mutual will give you the money to purchase a car that is one model year newer than your car if it’s totaled in an accident.  
Liberty Mutual deductible fund: Also called a
vanishing deductible
, this coverage will gradually reduce the cost of your deductible. 
Lifetime repair guarantee: Liberty Mutual will make all of the arrangements to repair your car after an accident. 
Mexico car insurance: You can purchase auto insurance for driving in Mexico through Liberty Mutual. 
New car replacement:
If your new vehicle happens to be totaled in your first year, you’ll receive money for a new car (not the depreciated value). 
Original parts replacement: Also known as
original equipment manufacturer coverage (OEM)
, original parts replacement is an optional coverage that makes sure that when your car is repaired, the original parts your vehicle was built with will be used. 
Rental car reimbursement coverage:
If your car can’t be driven after a claim that has been approved by Liberty Mutual, this policy add-on will help cover the cost of a rental car. 
Teachers’ auto insurance: A coverage option that helps teachers save money on their car insurance. Teacher’s policies can include options like Vandalism Loss Protection, Personal Property Coverage, and Collision Coverage to help cover expenses from damages that occur while you’re working as a teacher.
Medical payments (MedPay) coverage:
This add-on will pay for your medical expenses that are the result of a covered accident, regardless of fault. Your passengers will also be covered. 
Personal injury protection (PIP):
This coverage pays for medical expenses that are the result of a covered accident. 
Uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist insurance:
Both uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage protect you if you are involved in an accident with an at-fault driver who doesn’t have car insurance.

Liberty Mutual’s additional tools and services

Liberty Mutual offers several additional tools and services for car insurance to enhance the overall customer experience and provide added benefits. Here are some common additional tools and services that Liberty Mutual offers:
  • RightTrack®: RightTrack is a program available through Liberty Mutual that allows policyholders to receive discounts if they practice safe driving habits. All you have to do is enroll and download the Liberty Mutual Mobile app. The app will track your driving habits and reward you for safe braking, accelerating, and more. 
  • Mobile app: Liberty Mutual has
    a mobile app
    that allows customers to manage pay bills, change billing details, manage claims, download ID cards, and view their policy. 
  • Online claims filing: Customers can file and track claims conveniently through Liberty Mutual's website or mobile app.
Keep in mind that these additional tools and services may vary by location and policy type. To get specific information about what Liberty Mutual currently offers in your area, visit their official website or get in touch with their customer service.
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What can the Liberty Mutual mobile app do?

With the Liberty Mutual insurance app you can pay bills, change your billing information, manage any claims, download ID cards, and look at your policy. 


experts conducted one of the largest car insurance studies in the US, collecting first-hand car insurance information over 18 months. 
We surveyed over 18,000 real policyholders from all 50 states, asking them for their experience with their insurance company’s customer service, renewal process, claims handling, and more. 
After carefully analyzing the data from over 120 insurance companies, our experts ranked Liberty Mutual 14th overall when compared to companies of similar size and popularity.

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