How to Get an Oklahoma Learner’s Permit

An Oklahoma Learner’s Permit is just two tests and a fee away.
Written by Jasmine Kanter
Reviewed by Kaitlin May
To get an Oklahoma Learner Permit, you’ll need to pass both vision and written tests, pay a fee, and be at least 16 years old if you have no former driving experience.
Oklahoma is one of the many states that offer a
Graduated Driver's License Program
. To keep all Oklahoma drivers safe, including the new ones, the program unlocks new driving privileges once future license holders demonstrate a command of their road skills. There are four stages: Student Driver, Learner Permit, Intermediate License, and Unrestricted License.
Don't be intimidated if you're starting at the bottom. You don't need much time or experience to get an Oklahoma Learner Permit! Follow this guide to getting an Oklahoma Learner Permit below, and you'll know all the ins and outs of getting behind the wheel.

How to get an Oklahoma learner’s permit

Oklahoma Learner Permit
(Oklahoma’s learner’s permit) is the second stage of the state's Graduated Driver's License Program. Before you can get behind the wheel, you must be at least 15.5 years old, complete a vision test, pass a written test, and pay a fee.
The first stage,
Student Driver
, is optional. It allows you to practice with a driving instructor when you’re 15 and apply for a Learner Permit when you're 15-and-a-half—the lowest
driving age in Oklahoma
. If you’re jumping in without experience, you must be at least 16 years old to qualify for a Learner Permit.
All tests, fees, and driver’s licenses are administered by the
Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS)
through the
Service Oklahoma Licensing Office
. Here’s how to apply for a Learner Permit:
Did you pass? Congratulations! The next step is to qualify for an intermediate license. Practice hard, because you’ll need it to log at least 50 hours of driving over the next six months.
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What to bring to DPS

Make sure to bring one primary form of identification, your security number, and a parent or guardian to the DPS when you apply for a Learner Permit.
Valid identification forms include state ID cards, birth certificates, or valid passports. If you don’t have any of these, bring a secondary form of ID to support the first. All documents must be original, not photocopied, except for your Social Security number. A parent or guardian must sign your application if you’re under 18.
If you completed your Driver's Education, you need to present any of the following as proof:
Your parent or guardian also needs to sign an
Affidavit of Driver Training
if you opted for the parent-taught course. With proof of driver's education, you can skip both the minimum age requirement and the written test for the Learner Permit!

What if I fail the written test?

The only thing you can do if you fail is to try, try again. You can retake the written test a maximum of three times within three days. If you fail a third time, you'll have to wait 30 days before trying again. The DPS will add $4 to your Learner Permit fees for every failed test.

Oklahoma learner’s permit regulations

An Oklahoma Learner Permit grants exciting new privileges—as well as responsibilities. Here are the limitations of your permit:
  • Drive only between the hours of 5:00 AM and 10:00 PM
  • Drive only in the company of a fully-licensed driver of 21 years of age or older
  • Show your Learner Permit to law enforcement when asked, just like
    proof of insurance
  • Follow
    Oklahoma car accident laws
    by exchanging insurance and contact information after any collision you cause
Last but not least, you must carry your Learner Permit with you at all times while driving. If you don’t, and you’re a minor, your parents could be held liable. And that’s on top of the penalties: a $500 fine, up to six months in jail, or both!
Good luck! As long as you keep a
clean driving record
, you’ll be at the fully-licensed finish line in no time.
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