Mazda Vin Decoder: How to Check Mazda VIN

You can find your Mazda VIN on the driver’s side of the dashboard or door jamb. Decode your Mazda VIN with this guide.
Written by Sarah Williams
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Decode your Mazda VIN by breaking down its 17-digit code containing information on the car’s country of origin, manufacturer, vehicle information, and more. You can find your VIN on the driver’s side dashboard or door jamb.  
You’ll need to find your vehicle identification number (VIN) before you can renew your driver’s license, update your vehicle registration, or sell your car. But what do those 17 digits really mean? 
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How to check your Mazda’s VIN

Your Mazda’s VIN is its vehicle identification number—in other words, it’s a unique string of 17 digits that identifies your specific Mazda.  
There are several places to find the VIN on your Mazda. They include: 
  • Your vehicle title and registration
  • On the corner of your dashboard, visible through the windshield
  • On the driver’s side door jamb
Once you’ve found your VIN, you can use it to figure out the type of engine or transmission in your Mazda and where it was manufactured and assembled, as well as the make, year, model, and body type. 

How to decode a Mazda VIN

VINs have been used in the United States since the 1950s but weren’t standardized until 1981. Since then, the 17 digits have held universally recognized meanings. 
These meanings are expressed through all 10 numerical digits (0-9) and all the letters of the alphabet, minus any letters that could be confused with numbers (I, O, and Q)
At the end of the day, the question is: what do these digits mean? 

First position: country of origin

The first three digits are the world manufacturer identifier (WMI) code. The first number refers to the country where the car was manufactured. 
For Mazdas, you will generally see a 1, 4, or J. 1 or 4 represents the United States, while the letter J is for Japan. 

Positions 2-3: manufacturer information

The next two digits tell us information about the manufacturer. The second digit refers to the brand, which in this case will be an F for Mazda. 
The third digit indicates which type of Mazda you are driving. 

Positions 4-8: vehicle-specific information

The following five digits of your VIN contain vehicle-specific information. With the many styles and trim levels available for Mazdas, these specifications identify more detailed information about your car.   

Position 9: the VIN check digit

Because most of the digits are standardized, it could be easy for someone to generate a fake VIN. That’s where the ninth digit comes in! The ninth digit is a unique “check digit” based on the other numbers in your VIN and is used to prevent fake VINs

Position 10: model year

With limited numbers and letters to draw from, the system for referencing model years gets more complicated as time goes on. More VINs are re-using digits that refer to earlier model years. The letters U, Z, I, O, and Q are not used.
Here’s a breakdown of the VIN model year codes over the last 20 years: 
1981 OR 2011
1982 OR 2012
1983 OR  2013
1984 OR 2014
1985 OR 2015
1986 OR 2016
1987 OR 2017
1988 OR 2018
1989 OR 2019
1990 OR 2020
1991 OR 2021

Position 11: assembly plant

The 11th digit refers to the assembly location or which specific plant assembled your Mazda. For example, you may see a 0 for Mazda’s plant in Hiroshima or a 1 for their Hofu plant. 

Positions 12-17: vehicle serial number

The final six digits of a VIN are entirely unique to your Mazda. They represent the car’s serial number. This number is generally assigned while in assembly and is what makes your VIN unique to your vehicle. 

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