How to Cancel Allstate Insurance

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Your needs change with each new chapter of your life, and you may find that it’s time to say goodbye to your Allstate car insurance.
Allstate customers can typically cancel their policy at any time, no matter the reason. But depending on the state you live in, you may be required to pay a cancellation fee.
If you’ll be penalized for ending your car insurance early, then you should wait until right before your renewal date to cancel.
If you choose to end your policy mid-term, then you may qualify for a refund of your unused premium. Make sure you get this money back.
Regardless of when you end your policy, if you plan to keep driving, you’ll need to get a replacement policy from another insurer.
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How to cancel your Allstate policy

If you want to cancel your car insurance policy directly with Allstate, instead of calling 1 (800) ALLSTATE, you need to contact your local agent. You may be asked to provide a written request to cancel your policy.
Since it can take a few days for your cancellation to show up on your account, you may want to confirm that your request has been processed.

How to cancel Allstate insurance and switch companies at once

If you want to cancel your Allstate insurance policy, you'll need to get a new policy to stay covered. You can search for quotes yourself, or, you can have Jerry do it for you. Jerry is a fully licensed insurance broker that takes managing auto insurance off your list–for good.
After Jerry helps you switch to another provider and cancel your old car insurance, the app will keep monitoring insurance rates for you on renewal. This ensures you’re always getting the coverage you want at the best price.
Plus, Jerry’s in-house insurance agents are here to answer your questions and provide advice whenever needed. Jerry can personalize your insurance shopping as your needs change and offer guidance in many situations, including the following:
  • When you move
  • When you buy or sell a car
  • When you add or remove a policy member
  • When you get married or divorced
  • When your annual mileage rises or falls
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The bottom line: Jerry makes switching and canceling effortless

Hey, we get it: people lead busy lives, time is at a premium, and no one likes having to deal with the hassles of switching and canceling car insurance. If you’re wondering how to switch quickly and easily, the solution is obvious.
Once you sign up with Jerry, there’s no effort required on your part when you decide to switch car insurance. You click a button and Jerry takes care of the rest. The app sets up your new policy and cancels your old one.
You don’t have to deal with awkward phone calls or pushy sales agents. You just get to enjoy more money in your pocket.
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Can I cancel my Allstate policy online?

In short, no, you cannot cancel your Allstate policy online. You will need to call your agent to cancel.

Can I cancel Allstate insurance anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your Allstate insurance at anytime. You also usually won't get an early cancellation fee, though policies my vary by state. You may even qualify for a refund for unused premiums. Ask your agent to be sure.
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