How To Bundle Your Car and Home Insurance With Jerry

Using Jerry to bundle home and auto coverage is simple. Just answer questions to build your profile, then watch the quotes roll in.
Written by Sarah Gray
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car insurance
homeowners insurance
is simple. It only takes a few minutes and you could save an average of about 10% on your premiums.

Bundle your car and home insurance with Jerry in 5 easy steps

Start by downloading the Jerry app in the
App Store
or on
Google Play
. Once you have it installed, follow the prompts to set up your account, then follow these steps to get bundled auto and home insurance quotes.

Step 1: Begin building your profile

Open the Jerry app, then tap:
  • Get new quotes
  • Bundle together
  • Car and Home
Now, Jerry will walk you through setting up your profile.
app screenshot
You’ll need basic information, like your address, vehicle information, and household members to get started.
If you have a current insurance policy, Jerry should be able to locate it through public records—but have your policy info handy just in case.

Step 2: Confirm or edit details about your car and home 

Jerry will pull basic information about your car, home, and any current insurance policies from public records, but you’ll have the chance to make any necessary changes before requesting bundled quotes.
app screenshot
You’ll need to know the basics about your car, such as make, model, and year, plus whether you currently have car insurance and whether you’ve had any claims or violations in the last five years.
You’ll also need basic information about your home, such as its estimated value, square footage, and roof type.
You’ll also be asked about potential risks associated with the property, like whether it has a swimming pool, is vacant or under construction, or requires major repairs.

Step 3: Select your applicable discounts

Insurance providers offer a variety of discounts for both auto insurance policies and home insurance policies.
app screenshot
Jerry will auto-select the insurance discounts your profile indicates you’ll qualify for on both your auto policy and your homeowners policy—but you’ll have the chance to select additional discounts your profile may not indicate, such as whether your home is in a gated community or if you or a covered family member might qualify for a good student discount.

Step 4: Request and review quotes

Now that your profile is complete, Jerry will use it to collect and compare real insurance quotes from dozens of top-rated providers.
app screenshot
You’ll be presented with bundled quotes that will save you money on overall insurance expenses.
And if Jerry can’t find an auto insurance bundle that’s more affordable than your current insurance premiums, you’ll be notified that you’ve already got the best rate.

Step 5: Confirm your rate and see your final price

Once you’ve selected the coverage options you like best, click “Confirm Rate” and Jerry will walk you through confirming the information needed to finalize your policy with your chosen provider.
app screenshot
Information you’ll be asked to provide for each person to be insured on your new policy includes:
  • Education levels
  • Occupations
  • License status
  • Credit range
  • Status of any loans and length of ownership on covered vehicles
  • Primary drivers for each covered vehicle
  • Primary use for each covered vehicle
  • Average daily mileage for each covered vehicle
Once your price is confirmed, you can finalize your policy right in the app. 

What are the benefits of bundling?

In addition to potential cost savings, bundling also helps simplify your insurance policy management. You could speak with one insurance agent or use one mobile app to take care of questions on all your policies. 

Is it cheaper to bundle home and auto insurance?

Typically, it’s cheaper to bundle multiple policies with a single provider than it is to purchase separate insurance coverage for home and auto from different companies.
Finance Buzz
estimates consumers save an average of about 10% on insurance costs by bundling policies to take advantage of multi-policy discounts.
Savings vary, but you can expect the following average home and auto bundling discounts from some major providers across the country:
Insurance company
Average home and auto bundle discount
State Farm Auto Insurance
American Family Auto Insurance
Farmers Auto Insurance
Allstate Auto Insurance
Erie Auto Insurance
Nationwide Auto Insurance
Auto-Owners Car Insurance
Progressive Auto Insurance
USAA Auto Insurance

What are the disadvantages of bundled insurance?

Despite the potential for savings, bundling isn’t always the best idea. Two key considerations when it comes to bundling are:
  • Quality of coverage: Just because your provider offers stellar coverage for homes doesn’t mean it offers equally stellar policies for auto or motorcycle insurance, or vice versa.
  • Cost of coverage: If you have violations on your driving record, you may be able to save more money on car insurance rates by switching auto coverage to a
    non-standard car insurance company
    than by bundling. 
The bottom line
Before you decide on a bundle, make sure you’ll be getting the best deal on both the quality and the cost of your coverage.


Can you bundle renters and auto insurance?

Yes—several providers allow policyholders to bundle
renters insurance
with auto coverage. You can use the Jerry app to find these bundles, too. Just select “Car and Renters” during the first stage of
shopping for quotes

What does the Jerry app do?

At its core, Jerry is an insurance comparison app that uses your driving profile to pull instant quotes from dozens of trusted providers—but it’s also much more than that.
Jerry's DriveShield™ tool allows you to track your driving habits and earn perks for safe driving. Plus, the app’s GarageGuard™ function helps you determine what’s wrong with your car and how much it should cost to fix, and recommends repair shops based on ratings, price, and location.

How much does it cost to use Jerry?

It doesn’t cost anything to use Jerry. The Jerry app is completely free with no hidden fees or surprise add-ons. 

Will Jerry sell my personal information?

Jerry protects your data. Our DataLock™ Guarantee ensures you won't be contacted by anyone but us. We primarily use our app to communicate with customers. You’ll only catch us on the phone if you call us or request a call from one of our in-house licensed agents.

Will using Jerry affect my credit score or my current insurance policy or auto loan?

Viewing quotes for insurance or loans through Jerry will not impact your credit score. A soft credit pull may be conducted in connection with obtaining initial quotes for insurance or loans for you, but such a soft credit pull will not impact your credit score. 
If you choose to apply for a loan, Jerry's participating lenders will request your full credit report from one or more consumer reporting agencies. This is considered a hard credit pull and will affect your credit score temporarily.

How can I contact Jerry’s customer service?

The best way to contact Jerry’s customer service is through Jerry app by tapping “Inbox” and “Ask an Agent.” If you prefer to speak with someone by phone, call 1-833-445-3779 (M-F 8am–8:30pm ET) and we’ll be happy to assist you.

What is the best home and auto insurance?

No one provider offers the best home and auto coverage for every consumer. But if you’re looking for the provider that offers one of the largest home and auto bundle discounts, it’ll be
State Farm
with an average of 23% savings for bundling home and auto.

Does credit score affect car insurance?

Unless you live in Massachusetts, Hawaii, Michigan, or California,
your credit score
will play a part in calculating your insurance rates.

How does bundling insurance work?

Bundling is a marketing technique insurers use to make carrying more than one type of insurance with a single provider more cost effective. Some auto insurance companies also offer combined deductibles across multiple policies when customers choose to bundle.

How much is the discount for bundling?

Bundling discounts differ across insurance companies and the insurance products being bundled. Average savings for bundling home and auto, for example, is about 10%.

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