What is the Average Car Insurance in New Jersey (2024)?

Full coverage car insurance costs an average of $3,007 per year in New Jersey—far above the national average.
Written by Claire Beaney
Edited by Sarah Gray
On average, drivers in New Jersey pay $3,007 a year for
full coverage car insurance
, or $250 a month. Drivers who choose the state minimum policy pay $2,112 a year. Car insurance generally costs more in New Jersey than in the rest of the country. 
  • New Jersey auto insurance
    premiums range between $176 and $250 per month. 
  • The average cost of car insurance in New Jersey is higher than the national average. 
  • Individuals who live in big cities, are under 25, or have violations on their record pay the most for auto insurance. 
  • The best way to save money on insurance in New Jersey is to
    compare insurance quotes
    from multiple insurers.  

The average cost of car insurance in New Jersey

Car insurance in New Jersey is relatively expensive, with a state average rate of $3,007 per year for full coverage and $2,112 for minimum coverage. Auto insurance in New Jersey is so expensive, in part, because it is the most densely populated state in the country, but also because it is a no-fault state—which means drivers must purchase
personal injury protection coverage (PIP)

Compare average rates for New Jersey drivers

Here's how your New Jersey car insurance premiums vary depending on your age, driving record, and vehicle type. We used four popular driver profiles to demonstrate the wide range of average auto insurance rates across the state.

Why did my insurance go up in New Jersey?

As insurance companies in New Jersey try to recoup from pandemic losses and cope with the rising costs of inflation, they have raised auto insurance rates for their customers. Plus, the cost of auto repairs has gone up by about 50% in the last few years because of inflation, problems with the supply chain, and a lack of workers.
New Jersey also recently experienced an increase in the minimum amount of liability coverage required, with limits increasing from 15/30/5 to 25/50/25 for policies renewed or purchased after January 1st, 2023.
The result: significant increases in the overall average cost of insurance in the Garden State.
Why your rate went up: Your annual premium may have increased as a result of the above factors, or it may have increased because of individualized factors, like recent traffic infractions. Talk to your insurance agent or independent broker to determine the cause of your rate increases. 
How you can navigate the crisis: ​​Compare rates from multiple providers to ensure you have the best rate on your coverage.
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Who pays the most for car insurance in New Jersey?

Congratulations if you are over the age of 25, have a clean driving record, and reside in a small town or rural area—you are likely paying among the lowest rates for New Jersey auto insurance. 
However, young drivers under the age of 25, those with traffic violations and speeding tickets, and those living in densely populated areas typically pay more for the same level of auto insurance coverage. To get an idea of how much more you might have to pay if you fall into one of those categories, look at the tables below. 

Teen drivers pay the highest rates of any group

AgeAverage annual premium

High-risk drivers with DUIs and license suspensions pay higher rates

ViolationAverage annual coverage
Leaving scene of an Accident/Hit and Run$3,922
Open Container$2,928
Wrong Way/Wrong Lane$2,702
Failure to Obey Traffic Sign$2,598
Seat Belt$2,535
Careless Driving$2,484
Illegal Turn$2,478
Speeding over 15$2,428
Driving on Sus. License$2,403
Cell Phone$2,379
Speeding under 15$2,331
Improper Passing$2,174
Defective Equipment$1,937

Urban drivers pay more than in small towns and rural areas

CityAverage annual coverage
Jersey City$2,651
TownAverage annual coverage
Forked River$1,700
Atlantic Highlands$1,528

How to keep car insurance rates low in New Jersey

Finding affordable New Jersey auto insurance is possible even if your risk profile is higher. For the most affordable yearly premiums on New Jersey auto insurance, consider the following advice from the experts: 

1. Look for discounts

Depending on your payment history, safe driving record, and other factors, you may be eligible for discounts on your auto insurance premium. Some of the best New Jersey
auto insurance discounts
are detailed below. 
  • Customers who insure multiple vehicles with
    can save an average of 12% annually. 
  • Active duty military members can save 15% with
    military discount and 25% with their emergency deployment discount. 
  • Drivers under the age of 25 who are former dependents of
    policyholders are eligible for a 10% legacy discount.
  • Those who maintain a clean driving record for three years or more may qualify for a 25% discount from
    State Farm
  • Good drivers can save an average of 22% on auto insurance through
    Nationwide’s SmartRide
    telematics program. 
  • With
    Allstate’s Milewise
    pay-as-you-go program, drivers can reduce their daily coverage costs to $2.22. 

2. Don’t buy a new car

If you’re ready to replace your current ride, look at used models instead of brand-new vehicles. New Jersey drivers who opt for a car at least four model years old pay as much as 38% less for full coverage. 

3. Follow all New Jersey traffic laws—and consider a defensive driving course

Keeping a spotless driving record is the best way to keep insurance premiums low in the Garden State, so familiarizing yourself with New Jersey's traffic laws can save you money in the long run. 
You can prevent accidents and traffic violations by monitoring your driving habits in real-time with a telematics service. 

4. Opt for full coverage with moderate liability limits and a high deductible

Car insurance laws in New Jersey
only require drivers to have $25,000 per person and $50,000 in coverage for
bodily injury liability
, and $50,000 in coverage for
property damage liability
per accident. 
The bare minimum coverage provided by a New Jersey car insurance policy isn't enough for most drivers, but you don't have to break the bank to cover every possible contingency. 
Our top pick for cheap car insurance coverage options in New Jersey that still covers everything you need is a policy that includes: 
  • Bodily injury liability coverage of at least $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability coverage of at least $100,000 
  • Comprehensive coverage
    collision insurance
    that can pay for your car's replacement if it is totaled. 
Pick the highest deductibles for full coverage that you would be able to afford in the event of a covered loss.
Medical payments (MedPay) coverage
uninsured motorist coverage
, and/or roadside assistance coverage are optional additions you may want to consider, depending on your needs and budget. 

5. Compare quotes (more than once!)

The best way to find cheap auto insurance in New Jersey is to obtain quotes from multiple companies and compare them. 
With the Jerry app, you’ll be able to see real insurance quotes from some of the
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And don’t just compare quotes once—more than 70% of drivers never reshop their policy, which means that over 70% of drivers are leaving potential savings on the table. Jerry will proactively seek out competitive quotes whenever your policy is due for renewal, ensuring that you never pay more than necessary. 


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