How Long Does Insurance Take With Jerry?

It usually takes between one and three hours to get insurance through the Jerry app.
Written by R.E. Fulton
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It takes most drivers between one and three hours to get insurance through the
app. Your
car insurance
will kick in as soon as your payment is approved by your chosen insurer.

You can get insurance in under an hour with Jerry

There are three stages to buying car insurance with Jerry: 
  1. Getting your initial car insurance quotes: 1 to 2 minutes
  2. Requesting a finalized price: 10 minutes 
  3. Purchasing a policy: 1 to 3 hours
Of course, that time can vary—if your insurance provider needs more time to process your documents, for instance, you may need to wait an extra day.

Who is Jerry?

is a licensed insurance broker and car ownership app. Drivers can find real quotes for car, motorcycle, homeowners, and renters insurance through the Jerry mobile app. Jerry partners with top-rated insurers like Progressive, Nationwide, and Allstate (and over 50 more!) to find the best car insurance quotes for every driver’s profile. 
Jerry also provides car repair and maintenance tools and a safe driving rewards program—GarageGuard and DriveShield—both available for free through the app.
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When you request quotes in the Jerry app, you’ll usually see your results in one to two minutes. 
If you’re already paying the best price, we’ll let you know. We’ll also show you multiple tiers of coverage—from state minimum to full coverage with high liability limits—so you can choose the best policy for your budget.
Take a few minutes to review your quotes—don’t just go with the cheapest option! In many cases, an insurance company that offers you a super-cheap quote for liability-only insurance that meets your state minimums won’t charge much more to add
collision coverage
to your policy, which adds essential protection for your vehicle.

Final price

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It typically takes 10 minutes for Jerry to run your application and finalize your quote. 
If anything in your application changes—or if you waited too long after getting your initial quote—you could see your final quote go up.
Once you’ve got your final quote, you can choose when you want your policy to start—today, tomorrow, the next day, or a different date of your choosing (up to 28 days in advance).


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Your new car insurance policy will be set to activate on the date you chose.
If there’s any delay, reach out to an agent through the app or by calling 1-833-445-3779 from 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM (EST).
As soon as your new policy is activated, you’ll be able to access your
digital insurance ID card
in the app. Once your coverage is active, you can
cancel your old policy
  • If your previous policy was purchased through Jerry: Jerry’s agents can help you process the cancellation. 
  • If you bought your old policy outside of Jerry: Jerry’s agents can submit a cancellation request to your previous insurer, but you’ll be responsible for following any next steps, confirming the cancellation, and ending any autopay. 
By Simon G.
Reviewed on 9/11/2020
Super easy sign up!
My friend recommended this app for me to get car insurance, with a ‘not so creditable’ history. I did as she said and was completely ASTONISHED at all the work this app did for me... all within a few clicks of a button. I was mentally prepared to spend an entire day shopping for the best policy for me, when in turn, I received a virtual copy of my new insurance cards within the hour of signing up! Thank you, Jerry.

Most drivers get insurance within 24 hours

Even if you’re not able to get insurance within an hour, most drivers who shop with
see their new insurance coverage activated within 24 hours of requesting quotes. 
In some cases, car insurance companies need more than 24 hours to process your application. This is most common in cases where your profile contains significant risk factors, such as an
SR-22 filing requirement
. You may also see a delay in processing if: 
  • You submitted a purchase request outside of normal business hours
  • You submitted a purchase request on a holiday 
By Diana L.
Reviewed on 9/16/2020
I knew I was overpaying first car insurance, but I didn’t realize HOW much I was overpaying. I’m now saving $155 a month, and the process couldn’t be easier— I literally started when I was having trouble sleeping, and my policy was finalized before noon the next day!
The best ways to make sure your application is processed quickly are to: 
  • Plan ahead: Make sure you have all the necessary information and documents ready to go, from your driver’s license number, VIN, and credit score to your vehicle registration, auto loan documents, and proof of current insurance (if you have it). 
  • Provide complete and accurate info: If there’s any discrepancy between the information you submit to Jerry and what your insurance company finds when reviewing your application, it could lead to delays—or even to your application being denied. 
  • Request a final price ASAP: Take some time to review your quotes—but request the final price for the quote you want as soon as possible. All auto insurance quotes are time-sensitive, so delaying your final price could mean needing to return to the quoting stage if your price goes up. 
  • Keep an eye on your phone: Jerry’s insurance agents will text you with updates on your quotes, final prices, and policy applications. If there’s any delay in getting your policy in place, prompt communication can help to catch it early! 
By Rose M.
Reviewed on 4/15/2021
Fast Service
I needed car insurance right away. Literally like next day. I downloaded Jerry as I seen it was advertised multiple times on TikTok and I figured I would give it a shot. They got me the best prices and accepted in under 24 hrs! I never felt more relieved and thankful that Jerry was there! Highly recommend 😊
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How long does it take for an insurance policy to start?

It typically takes between one and three hours for a car insurance policy to start. 

What is the customer service number for Jerry Insurance Agency? 

Jerry’s customer service phone number is 1-833-445-3779. Jerry agents are available from 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM EST. You can also request service from an agent via text or through the instant chat in the Jerry mobile app. 

How fast can car insurance kick in?

Your car insurance policy takes effect when your first payment is approved, typically on the same day you request coverage. 
Car insurance does not apply retroactively, so your coverage won’t apply to any events that took place before your payment was approved—even if they happened on the same day.  

How long does it take for insurance to show on the database in Georgia? 

According to the Georgia Department of Revenue, insurance companies in Georgia are required to report customers’ insurance information within 30 days of the date on which coverage begins. 

What happens if I have to cancel my insurance?

If you have to cancel your car insurance mid-term, your insurer will typically refund any unused premiums, minus administrative fees in most cases. Be sure to have a new policy in place before you cancel since any coverage gap exposes you to serious legal consequences and higher car insurance rates in the future. 
If you need to cancel your car insurance and get a new policy last minute, use the Jerry app to find coverage within a few hours. The app is available for iPhone and Android users through the Apple app store or Google Play store. 

How long does an insurance policy last? 

Car insurance policies last for six months or 12 months. Most major insurance companies—including GEICO and Progressive—offer six-month policies, but some companies only offer 12-month terms. 

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