How to Get a Farmers Good Student Discount

The Farmers good student discount is available to full-time students under 25 years old who earn a B average or better.
Written by Melanie Krieps Mergen
A Farmers good student discount can reduce the
car insurance
premium of drivers who qualify. Eligibility requirements include being under 25 years old and maintaining a 3.0 GPA or better in your high school or
If you’re a high-achieving student, your hard work might pay off in more ways than one. And one of those ways might just be on your car insurance costs! That’s essentially because students who earn high grades are generally assumed to have the right habits that can translate to safe, responsible driving.
Here’s a look at how to qualify for the Farmers good student discount—as well as additional discounts you might benefit from as a student.
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How to get Farmers’s good student discount

A good student discount from Farmers could help you save on your car insurance premium. It’s generally available to students under 25 years old who can demonstrate they earn a B average or better in their high school or college classes.

How to qualify

To be eligible for the Farmers good student discount, you’ll need to satisfy all the following requirements:
  • You’re under 16 to 24 years old
  • You’re a full-time student at a high school, college or university
  • You rank in the top 20% of your class, or you have a 3.0 GPA/B average or better in your classes
  • You’ve been included on a dean’s list, honor roll, or similar list in recognition of your academic achievements
You’ll need to provide documentation to prove you satisfy all these requirements.

How long does Farmers’s good student discount last?

With an auto insurance policy from Farmers Insurance, you can take advantage of the good student discount up until you turn 25, provided you meet all the necessary criteria.

Why do auto insurers offer good student discounts?

While it might not seem fair, young people often have higher car insurance rates largely because they have less driving experience, which can translate to higher accident risks. 
However, from an insurance provider’s perspective, the qualities a student needs to earn high grades will also make them more likely to have responsible habits, follow the rules of the road, and make on-time payments.

The best Farmers car insurance discounts for students

Being a good student is a great achievement, and so is being able to save on your car insurance costs as a result. But why stop your potential savings there?
A good student discount isn’t the only discount you could qualify for with a Farmers policy. While this discount is the only student-related one offered by Farmers, there are plenty of general discounts that could allow you to enjoy additional savings. 
If you’re currently a high school or college student, here are a few more car insurance discounts available from Farmers you might be eligible for that could do some added good for your wallet.

Auto/renters discount

If you’re a college student living in an off-campus apartment, it’s always a good idea to have a renters insurance policy to protect your belongings and liability.
Renters insurance is already one of the cheapest types of insurance around, but fortunately for you, you could get an added discount on your auto insurance if you have both policies from Farmers.

Safe driver discount

Student or not, the Farmers
safe driver discount
is available to car insurance policyholders who have
clean driving records
However, Farmers states this discount—as well as certain discounts in general—may only be available in select states, so you’ll want to confirm this is one you’d be able to take advantage of.

Alternative fuel vehicle discount 

The type of car you drive as a student can also affect what Farmers car insurance discounts you could qualify for. 
Eligible vehicles would include electric and gasoline hybrids, as well as those that use an alternative fuel as defined in the Federal Energy Policy Act of 1992 (electric, natural gas, methane, propane, etc.), states Farmers Insurance.
If you qualify for this discount, you could save 5% on your Farmers car insurance premium.

Anti-theft discount

Another easy way to save—and keep your car safer at the same time—is to add an eligible anti-theft protection device to your vehicle. To qualify, said device must self-activate once the vehicle’s doors are locked.
While there are plenty of aftermarket
anti-theft devices
out there, to qualify for this discount, Farmers requires that the device has to be “provided by the vehicle manufacturer,” whether that’s as original equipment on the vehicle or it’s installed later by an authorized dealer.

Multi-car discount

The typical student probably doesn’t own multiple insured vehicles. If you do, however, more power to you! This is another way you could save on your premium.
Additionally, if the vehicle you drive is still insured under a parent or guardian’s policy, this is a discount that would be available to them, too. 

ePolicy discount

Here’s one of the easiest discounts you could qualify for as a student: by simply signing up to receive your insurance documents electronically, Farmers will give you an insurance discount.

Electronic funds transfer discount

Lastly, if there’s one thing that you and your insurance provider have in common, it’s probably that you both like getting paid on time. If you set up automatic payments for your auto insurance policy, Farmers could grant you a discount as a reward.
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