Everything You Need to Know about Progressive Temporary Car Insurance

Although Progressive does not offer temporary car insurance per se, there are other options available for short-term coverage. Here are the details!
Written by Brittni Brinn
Reviewed by Pat Roache
Progressive does not offer
temporary car insurance
, but you can purchase a six-month policy and cancel early, opt for non-owners insurance, or use rental car insurance.
Most major providers do not supply temporary car insurance. In fact, temporary car insurance is something of a popular myth in the industry. Reputable companies won’t advertise temporary auto coverage, so if a provider is offering a temporary car insurance policy, it’s best to proceed with caution.
What options does Progressive offer for short-term
car insurance
? Let’s consider the policies that can function like temporary car insurance and how to sign up.

Can you buy Progressive temporary car insurance coverage?

, along with most reputable providers, does not offer temporary car insurance. But there are a few alternatives to look into if you only need auto coverage for a short time! Consider the following coverage options with Progressive:
  • Buy a six-month policy and cancel it early
  • Pay-pre-mile insurance/ usage-based insurance
  • Ask to be included in someone else’s policy if you are driving their vehicle
Progressive offers usage-based insurance through its Snapshot program—your driving habits and mileage will determine your rates, and you’ll get a nice discount just for signing up! The risk here is that if your driving habits are subpar, you could see your insurance rates increase.
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How to get short-term car insurance with Progressive

To sign up for short-term auto insurance with Progressive, you can request car insurance quotes on
Progressive’s website
or speak to an insurance agent by calling 1-855-347-3749.
No matter what option you choose for short-term car insurance from Progressive, it’s important to make sure that the policy you sign up for meets your state’s
car insurance requirements
and applies to your driving situation.
Common situations where you may need short-term car insurance include:
  • A college student going home for vacation
  • Traveling to a new city
  • Borrowing a friend or family member’s vehicle
  • Living abroad and returning home for a visit 
  • Seasonal car usage
  • Only planning to own a car for a short time before reselling it
Here are three auto insurance policy options you can consider when looking for short-term insurance from Progressive.

Buy a 6-month policy and cancel early

Like most insurance companies, Progressive offers six-month or yearly car insurance policies. The easiest option is to purchase one of these policies and cancel it once you no longer need car insurance coverage.
You may have to pay a cancellation fee (either 10% of your premium or a flat rate depending on the state), but you’ll save yourself from having to pay the rest of your monthly insurance bills. However, you’ll want to make sure you understand the implications before canceling your Progressive insurance.
You must fulfill your state’s minimum
liability coverage
limits anytime you get behind the wheel. It’s best to keep at least these limits in place if there’s any chance that you’ll be driving. Canceling your policy without a new one in place can also lead to an
insurance lapse
, which can affect your insurance premiums in the future.

Buy a non-owner car insurance policy

If you don’t own a car but still need coverage,
Progressive non-owner car insurance
may be the way to go! Usually, car insurance follows the vehicle, but a non-owner coverage policy protects you, no matter what vehicle you get behind the wheel of. The trade-off is that you’re only eligible for this type of policy if no one in your household owns a car.
Non-owner coverage is generally less expensive than a regular car insurance policy. However, it usually only includes liability insurance. You may be able to add
medical payments (MedPay)
personal injury protection (PIP)
, and
uninsured motorist coverage
depending on which state you live in. This policy should fulfill your state’s mandated coverage limits.

Buy rental car insurance

If you are renting a car, the rental car company will have options for coverage, although they can be more expensive than buying regular auto insurance through an insurance company. However, rental insurance only lasts as long as you’re driving the vehicle, has a low deductible, and has the bonus of not impacting your future insurance premiums if you need to make a claim.
If you already have another insurance policy, you may not need to purchase additional rental insurance. In some cases, coverage for rentals may already be included in your insurance or through other services like your credit card company! So be sure to check on what coverage you already have before signing off on your rental car.
However, there are some situations where purchasing rental insurance is usually a good idea:
  • High deductibles on your auto policy: Choosing to file a claim through rental insurance often involves a much lower deductible and can save you from having to pay out of pocket for expensive repairs.
  • Claim-free auto policy: If you want to keep your claim-free discount with your car insurance provider, filing a claim through the rental car company can keep your regular insurance rates steady.
  • Liability-only auto policy: If your car insurance policy is liability-only, signing the rental car company’s loss-damage waiver can save you from having to pay for repairs if the rental car is in an accident. If you have
    comprehensive insurance
    , you’re probably covered!
  • Traveling outside of North America: Rental car insurance will offer coverage specific to the area where you are driving, which may be outside of the range of your regular auto policy.
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How much does short-term car insurance cost?

No matter which route you choose for getting short-term car insurance with Progressive, your premium will be determined by a few factors.
As with any auto insurance, your driving record, age, location, and other personal factors will impact your auto insurance rates. You may be able to bring your premium down with
Progressive’s discounts
, but you may not be able to avoid expensive short-term insurance if you have a handful of traffic citations or a major violation on your record, like a
The type of insurance you decide to get will also impact your rates. For example, signing up for a six-month policy and then canceling may save you money on your monthly bills, but you may face a cancellation fee and a lapse in coverage that could raise your future rates. Non-owner insurance generally costs less than a regular auto policy, while the cost of car rental insurance is typically more expensive, depending on the company and the length of your rental contract.
If you have questions about Progressive’s rates, it’s best to request a quote or speak to an agent and go from there!

Do any car insurance companies offer temporary car insurance?

Reputable auto insurance providers will not offer temporary car insurance. If you come across an ad or an offer for one-day or temporary coverage, it’s likely a scam. Whenever you are considering buying insurance, always do your research on the provider and check out reviews to make sure they are legitimate.
Instead of temporary auto insurance, you can look for providers that offer non-owner insurance, usage-based coverage, rental car options, or cancellation options for regular policies. Shop smart and you’ll find the coverage options you need—and always ask questions if something your insurance agent says doesn’t feel right!
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If you are renting a car, the rental company will likely have insurance options that cover the vehicle for the duration of your rental period. You may also have access to rental car insurance through your credit card or current insurance plan, so make sure you check before opting for the rental car company’s option.
You usually cannot make temporary changes to an insurance policy. Most policies automatically extend coverage to drivers who occasionally drive your car, even if they aren’t listed on the policy. If someone else drives your car regularly, you would need to add them to your policy going forward—not temporarily—and it could impact your premium.
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