Does a Windshield Claim Increase GEICO Insurance Costs?

Filing a windshield claim with GEICO won’t increase your premium, and repair costs should be covered if you have comprehensive coverage.
Written by Andrea Barrett
Reviewed by Amy Bobinger
A windshield claim isn’t likely to increase your insurance premium with GEICO if you’re filing a comprehensive claim, but if it’s filed through collision coverage after an at-fault accident, you might see an increase in your premium.
Whether from a flying stone or an accident, windshield cracks or chips can happen in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, getting it repaired is pretty simple—if not always convenient. And if you have the right type of insurance, you won’t be subject to out-of-pocket costs.
But if you’re submitting a claim through insurance, you might wonder whether it will increase your premium. If you’re with GEICO, we have all the details you need to know about windshield claims. Plus, we’ll give you the type of
car insurance
you need to cover windshield replacement or repair.

Does a windshield claim increase your insurance premium with GEICO?

Submitting a windshield claim with GEICO will not likely increase your annual premium if filed through a comprehensive claim. However, if you have windshield glass damage after an at-fault accident and you’re filing a collision claim, you can likely expect a premium increase.
When GEICO evaluates car insurance rates after an accident and the subsequent claim, they consider many factors, including:
GEICO will also consider the type of car you have, which helps determine expected
car repair
costs for the work you need done. Certain types of vehicles are known to have higher maintenance and repair costs, which can influence insurance premiums.
Generally speaking, accident claims will cause an increase in your premium, but if you file a claim for a cracked or broken windshield, your insurer will cover the damage costs without an increase to your premium—but you are required to pay for your deductible.
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What type of insurance coverage pays for windshield repair or replacement?

In most places, you’re required to carry
liability coverage
that meets the
minimum car insurance requirements in your state
. Liability insurance is the cheapest option for drivers. It covers the costs of damage and injury to the other party if you’re involved in a car accident—but it doesn’t cover costs for damage to your vehicle or injury to you or your passengers.
That’s where additional coverage comes into the picture.
When it comes to non-accident-related damage, you’ll want to add
comprehensive car insurance
coverage to your policy if you want to avoid out-of-pocket expenses. Comprehensive insurance covers damages to your car resulting from a non-collision related incident, such as vehicle theft, vandalism, or falling objects that may crack or cause a small chip in your windshield—like stones.
There’s some good news: Windshield repairs are not subject to GEICO’s regular comprehensive deductible. But if you need a full windshield replacement, you will be required to pay your deductible in most states.
If your windshield is damaged in a collision that isn’t your fault, repair costs will fall on the other party, assuming they have sufficient insurance coverage. If you are at fault for an accident resulting in windshield damage and you have
collision insurance
, you can file a collision claim with GEICO.
If you have a liability-only insurance policy that doesn’t include comprehensive coverage, you’ll probably have to pay for the repair or windshield replacement cost out of pocket.
In some states, GEICO also provides a convenient
glass claim service
to get drivers back on the road faster. If you have glass coverage, report the damage to GEICO as soon as possible—you can
report your claim online
via the
GEICO Mobile app
or by calling 1-800-510-2291, and then schedule an appointment for repairs or replacement.

How much does GEICO windshield replacement coverage cost?

The cost for windshield replacement coverage with GEICO varies depending on where you live. In
, and
South Carolina
, insurance companies must waive the
comprehensive deductible
for windshield repairs and replacement. This encourages drivers to fix the problem ASAP to avoid danger and injury. Insurance companies in
, and
New York
must offer customers a $0 windshield deductible. If you live in another state, you can expect to pay your comprehensive deductible for a windshield replacement unless your car insurance policy says otherwise.
But generally speaking, you will need
full coverage car insurance
if you want insurance to cover the cost of windshield damage, which varies based on several factors. Although full coverage will always be more expensive than meeting your state’s minimum insurance requirements, it offers more protection for you and your vehicle.
Full coverage auto insurance with GEICO costs about $35 a month more than basic liability coverage, but the exact amount will vary based on your age, driving record, credit score, vehicle make and model, and coverage limits.
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Filing a windshield claim with GEICO is quick and easy—and you can begin your claims process as soon as the damage happens. In some cases, a windshield technician can even do repairs on the same day!
You can
report your claim online
via the internet or GEICO’s Mobile app or by calling 1-800-510-2291. There will be instructions online for you to follow to complete your claim. If your windshield is broken or leaking, take the necessary steps to protect your car's interior in the meantime.
Once your claim is submitted, you’ll need to schedule a time and date for windshield repair or glass replacement. If you’re using GEICO for repair, a glass technician will come to your house or work to complete the repairs, which generally takes about 30 minutes. If you need a full replacement, you must take your car to a glass repair shop (GEICO recommends Safelite), which usually takes about an hour.
There’s a big benefit to having insurance with GEICO: You’ll have access to no-cost windshield repairs! However, depending on the situation, GEICO may charge your deductible for replacements. Certain states like Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina require car insurance companies to repair or replace windshields with no deductible. However, you must have collision and comprehensive coverage in place for the repairs or replacement to be done.
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