How to Find Defensive Driving Courses in Oregon

Taking an approved defensive driving course in Oregon can help you get a minor traffic ticket dismissed or get a reduced rate on your car insurance.
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by Brenna Swanston
Completing a defensive driving course in
makes you a better driver, can help you get a minor ticket dismissed, or may earn you a discount on your
car insurance
premiums. But not just any course will do; it needs to be approved by the court or your insurance provider.
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Why should I take a defensive driving course in Oregon? 

To get a minor traffic ticket dismissed

In Oregon, you can get a minor traffic ticket dismissed from your driving record if you complete an approved driving course. Not all violations are eligible for this, of course. Traffic tickets that you can’t expunge with a driving course include:
This list is not all-encompassing, and it is up to the court to decide if getting your ticket dismissed via driving school is an acceptable option. Depending on the county in which you got the ticket, there may be other eligibility requirements as well.
This varies immensely depending on what county issued the ticket. Some counties have no extra requirements, some state that you have to have no prior tickets ever, and some say you must have had no tickets in the past three to five years. 
Make sure to check the eligibility requirements of the county where you received your ticket. It’s also vital to remember that you don’t get to decide if taking a course is an option—the court does. And then, you must make certain that the course you take is one of the approved ones. 

To get an insurance discount

If you’re hoping to take advantage of as many
car insurance discounts
as you can, taking an approved driver education class is a great way to do it.
Not only does it make you a safer driver, but insurers view you as less of a risk, and therefore less likely to be involved in an accident that they would have to pay a claim on.
The discount that you can get varies according to your demographic, what insurance provider you have, and your existing driving record.
Not all driving courses qualify you for a discount, so make sure to check with your provider before you enroll! 

To keep your driving skills sharp

No matter how long you’ve been driving, there’s always something else that you can learn. Plus, new laws get passed all the time! Oregon offers a host of driver education programs that are geared toward different kinds of groups.
The Oregon DMV offers classes for
teen drivers
and adults that cover topics like defensive driving, driving in bad weather, and driving skills for older drivers. 
The City of Portland offers traffic safety classes as well, including classes held by trauma nurses and classes for people who are immigrants or refugees. These are only available to adults and are part of Portland’s
Vision Zero program
, which is aimed at eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries.  
At the end of the day, taking a traffic safety course not only makes you a better driver, but it could also save a life—perhaps yours!
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How to find Oregon defensive driving courses 

There are a ton of options in Oregon if you’re looking for some driver’s ed, but it can be a little tricky to find the one that’s right for your needs. 
The Oregon DMV keeps a list of certified classes and driving instructors, so that’s a good place to start if you need a class that is DMV-approved. The City of Portland has several types of driver education classes available, and
Legacy Health’s court-ordered classes
are a good resource for those who are taking a class as part of a traffic infraction.  
Lots of online traffic school companies offer self-paced courses.
has a class for Oregonians, as does
DriveSafe Online
. But remember to check with your insurance company or the DMV to be sure that the class you’re considering meets the requirements.

How much is a defensive driving course in Oregon?

It’s incredibly variable! Some of the courses are free, and some cost up to $300 or more.
Many of the online courses offered by large companies are relatively inexpensive, but make sure that they fulfill your requirements before you pay. One thing is for sure, though—it’s cheaper than most traffic fines!

How long is a defensive driving course in Oregon? 

In general, you can expect a defensive driving course to be anywhere from one to nine hours long. It depends on the type of class and the reason you’re taking it. Some online courses you can take at your own pace, while some court-ordered courses must be finished in a specific period.
Good luck, study hard, and drive safely!
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