These Toyotas Have the Lowest Maintenance Costs

Toyota vehicles are proven to be reliable and low cost to maintain overtime.
Written by Alexandra Maloney
When you buy a new car, you’re undoubtedly thinking about the sticker price for the vehicle, but many drivers forget to take into account maintenance costs. These are the charges you might have to pay overtime to keep your vehicle in good condition, and high maintenance costs can really add up.
If you know which vehicles have low maintenance costs, you can
save yourself some money
in the long run. We’ve compiled a list of
vehicles with the lowest maintenance costs, to set drivers up for saving success. 

Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris is the Toyota vehicle with the lowest maintenance costs for five years. According to
, the Toyota Yaris will have approximately $310 in service bills annually and $4,027 in maintenance and repair costs over 10 years. 
Plus, the chance a Toyota Yaris will need a major repair during its first 10 years on the road is less than 12%, which are pretty good odds.
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Toyota Prius 

When it comes to Toyota 10-year maintenance costs, the Toyota Prius has the lowest of them all.
reports that drivers will need just $4,008 to maintain a Toyota Prius over 10 years, which is just about $400 per year. 
Not to mention, the odds a Toyota Prius will suffer a major malfunctioning issue throughout its life is low, and there’s less than a 12% chance it’ll need extensive repair in its first 10 years. 

Toyota Corolla 

The Toyota Corolla is another strong contender when it comes to low maintenance costs over a 10-year period. On average, drivers will spend about $4,087 over 10 years to maintain a Toyota Corolla, which is just over $400 a year. 
However, this might skew a bit cheaper within the first few years of ownership, then get slightly more expensive to maintain as time goes on. There’s just about a 12% chance that the Toyota Corolla will require a major repair in the first 10 years. 
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Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is another vehicle that performs well in both the five-year and 10-year low maintenance cost categories. This reliable vehicle will cost on average $160 to maintain in the first year, and $167 per year by the five-year mark. 
Overall, maintenance and repair costs for the Toyota Camry should cost just about $4,200 over 10 years. 

Toyota Avalon

Lastly, the Toyota Avalon proves to be another reliable vehicle. Not only is the Toyota Avalon said to be one of the smoothest rides to the 200,000-mile mark, but after five years this car should only cost an average of $348 to maintain. MotorBiscuit finds over a ten-year time span, the Toyota Avalon should cost just around $4,407 in maintenance costs. 
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