Subaru's 2022 All-Star: The WRX STI

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Subaru's 2022 All-Star: The WRX STI

Later this year, the Subaru is expected to introduce a line of new concept cars, as part of a new Subaru STI line of vehicles. There are projected to be four STI-branded concepts, but one of them stands out—the immensely popular WRX STI model. 
It’s traditionally a sportier version of the sedan, but there might be surprises coming up. Here are the details on the eagerly anticipated WRX STI.

Previewing the Subaru WRX STI

An up-close look at the Subaru logo on the front grille of a WRX.
The 2023 WRX STI has Subaru fans on the edge of their seats.
Road and Track gives us the rundown of what we should expect from the WRX STI, which is slated to be unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The publication projects it as "a very production-looking WRX S4 STI concept," using the same fascia and body cladding as the recently launched WRX.
The concept vehicle, however, is customized with STI-branded performance parts, including a cherry red splitter and a performance exhaust.
You get an STI badge on the front of the vehicle, with a wing on the back. Under-the-hood specs are murky, but Subaru fans could expect an electric version to accompany the usual turbocharged trim level which nods to the car’s rally driving heritage. 

What is Subaru's goal with the STI line?

The purpose of the STI lineup of vehicles, according to Subaru, is to get additional "experience and practice in new technologies in the world of motorsport which is making its way toward a carbon-neutral era." The company knows times are changing and if it doesn't adapt, it will be left behind other companies that are adapting to changes in the industry.

Other vehicles in the Subaru STI line

The WRX STI is just one of four concepts in the STI line. The STI E-RA, which was previewed in a teaser image is an all-electric concept. However, specifics on what it looks like and when it will hit the road are both unknown at this time.
The other two STI cars to be unveiled later in 2022 are the Levorg STI and the Subaru BRZ STI. The former has the same STI upgrades as the WRX. Meanwhile, the latter will receive its own set of STI performance upgrades, but Subaru is being tight-lipped about what those upgrades are. Technical specs are slated to be released at a later date.

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