An Aggressive Megacar Induction: The SSC Aggressor

SSC introduced a track-only version of the Tuatara, the Aggressor. Will the excitement about the variant drown out the brand’s speed-record controversies? 
Written by Andrew Koole
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
As fossil fuel-burning cars begin their slow fade and exit stage-left, a small group of automakers is pushing internal combustion technology to its limits. 
gave way to hypercars, and now, megacars are making their way to car shows, racetracks, and U.S. roads.
The latest of these so-called megacars is the Tuatara Aggressor, a track-exclusive adaptation of Washington-based SSC’s 2020 release, the Tuatara. 
Just what is SCC, and what makes this version of its current model so special?
, your trusty car insurance super app, dug around to find out.

The SSC Aggressor ups the megacar ante

The SSC Tuatara is already an impressive machine. Filled with the right fuel, its twin-turbo 5.9-liter V8 can deliver up to 1,750 hp, pushing it well into megacar territory. 
Controversy surrounded the Tuatara in October 2020, when a driver claimed he shattered the production car speed record using the car, reaching a top speed of 331.5 mph. While the claim was later debunked, other Tuatara drivers managed to break the previous record of 277.9 mph. 
The Aggressor takes the high-speed qualities of the street-legal Tuatara and drops the legislative barriers. While the track-only model is highly customizable, opting for a more aggressive camshaft, higher compression, and more boost sends the car’s power to 2,200 hp.
Beyond the drivetrain upgrades,
Motor Authority
says the Aggressor model also improves the Tuatara’s aerodynamics and offers “limitless” performance-enhancing adjustments. Basically, Aggressor buyers can turn the Tuatara into a legitimate race car.
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Shelby Super Cars—the Aggressor’s extended family

The Tuatara Aggressor might sound like a groundbreaking vehicle, but for Jerod Shelby, founder of Shelby Super Cars (SSC), it’s par for the course. The American sports car maker started competing for speed records when he founded SSC in 1999. 
Supercars might be in the company’s name, but hypercars are its game. After five years, the company produced its first car, the Ultimate Aero. Using a twin-turbocharged V8 that offered 1,287 bhp, this beast beat the production car world record in 2007 when it reached 256.18 mph.
SSC offered variants of the Ultimate Aero over the next decade but didn’t sell a completely new model until the first Tuatara was delivered in 2020. The introduction of the Aggressor and its sibling, the Tuatara Striker, shows SSC continuing its exclusive production style.
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Owning an SSC Aggressor ain’t easy

Don’t get too excited if the Tuatara Aggressor’s horsepower numbers have your need for speed switched on. SSC’s drive for top performance is only matched by its focus on exclusivity. 110 Tuataras are slotted for production, only 10 of which will be Aggressors.
The car’s excellence and limited unit numbers allow SSC to charge exorbitant amounts of money for it. A “regular” Tuatara will put you back $1.95 million. Opting for an Aggressor will add at least $199,000 to that price.
Car insurance for megacars like this also reaches mind-boggling heights. Premiums can cost as much as $50,000 a year. 
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