A Creative Amateur Engineer Made A Real-Life Mario Kart Car

An engineer made a floating Mario Kart Car, although it’s not really driveable it’s still fun to see.
Written by Serena Aburahma
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Mario Kart in real life
In the wonderful world of
car modifications
, the only limit is your imagination. While most car owners stick to popular modifications like body or suspension lifts, one Japanese YouTuber went way outside of the box. 
The channel known as DanCreator / Cardboard Crafts decided to build a real-life Mario Kart vehicle, as reported by
. And not a kart or motorbike, but one of the hovercrafts from the game. For many who grew up playing some iteration of Mario Kart, the idea of a real hovercraft sounds too good to be true. 

Mario Kart transcends generations

Believe it or not, the Mario Kart franchise is 30 years old. It first debuted as Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo in 1992. It was wildly popular and has gone on to be featured on every Nintendo home console. 
In total, there have been 14 different iterations of Mario Kart.  Four of those were designed for the arcade, six for home consoles, three for handheld consoles, and one for mobile phones. If you're younger than 45, chances are you played Mario Kart at some point in your life. Some of us may have even lost a friendship or two over late-game red shells. 
In any case, the game has caught the attention of many YouTubers. But as far as we can tell, DanCreator was the first to build a functioning Mario Kart hovercraft. 
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How 'DanCreator' created a real-life Mario Kart

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The DanCreator channel is quite unique. It’s part tutorial and part creativity in action with absolutely no narration. Everything that DanCreator builds lacks any verbalized instructions or explanations. This may be helpful as he is Japanese, so the lack of narration makes it easier for an international audience to follow. 
Most of what DanCreator builds is made from cardboard, although he did make an exception for the Mario Kart hovercraft. Some of the building material appears to be either plywood or composite wood. 
To get the hovercraft to float, he uses two leaf blowers that feed into the carriage, with the air pressure being sealed with two clear inner tubes. Since the inner tubes are clear, this creates the illusion that the vehicle is floating. 

How well does this real-life Mario Kart work?

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While we do admire the ingenuity and spirit of DanCreator, we would have to say that this hovercraft doesn't work particularly well. It has no propulsion mechanism. In the video, the hovercraft only moves forward after it is pushed. 
There is also no steering mechanism to direct the hovercraft. It just goes in the direction it was pushed. Additionally, the leaf blowers are wired, so it has to remain plugged in for it to work. Although we imagine battery-powered leaf blowers would work just as well. 
Even though this isn't a well-functioning hovercraft, building one with your kids would be a great way to spend your day! 

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