3 Cool, Reliable Cars for 2023

These three cars are cool and reliable, according to Consumer Reports.
Written by Alexandra Maloney
Just because your vehicle is reliable doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. If you’re looking for a
new car
that’s both reliable and cool, we have three suggestions that check both boxes and more. 
Here’s a list of most reliable midsize sedans, these are our top three cool, reliable cars

How does Consumer Reports rate reliability? 

We have three reliable and cool car recommendations, but what makes them reliable?
Consumer Reports (CR)
compiles reliability data by sending surveys out to drivers, and analyzes data on over 300,000 vehicles.
In terms of reliability,
Consumer Reports
asks drivers to note any problems that occurred with their vehicle in the last 12 months that weren’t a result of acciden damage or recall. Drivers can tell Consumer Reports in detailed writing about their car troubles, so the rating and review site can get a fully detailed picture. From all this data, CR determines each vehicle’s reliability rating.
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2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid 

According to Consumer Reports, when it comes to midsize sedans, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is among the best. This car gets a four out of five in predicted reliability, as well as a four out of five in predicted owner satisfaction. Not to mention, it scored a 94 out of 100 on its road test, which is almost perfect. 
Other highlights include a fantastic fuel economy of an overall 47 mpg, a quiet ride, and great handling. In terms of coolness, the Toyota Camry Hybrid has a modern and comfortable interior, great for storing cargo and transporting passengers. And, there’s updated technology that’s intuitive to use. With a price range starting at $25,945 and going up to $36,370, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is a great deal.

2023 Lexus ES Hybrid 

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Another cool and reliable vehicle that also happens to be a hybrid is the 2023 Lexus ES Hybrid. Like the Toyota Camry Hybrid, the Lexus ES Hybrid earns a four out of five in both predicted reliability and predicted owner satisfaction. The interior of this car is comfortable and luxurious, made with high-quality materials.
Not to mention, the engine on this car is definitely cool. Under the hood drivers will find a V6 engine paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission that is both powerful and fast. There’s a modern and easy to use touchscreen infotainment system, and all traditional safety features. 

2023 Kia K5

If you’re looking for a cool, reliable,  and sporty car, the 2023 Kia K5 is an option that will deliver without breaking the bank. Consumer Reports gave this vehicle a four out of five in predicted reliability, a three out of five in owner satisfaction, and an 84 out of 100 on its road test. 
For a gas-powered engine, the 2023 Kia K5 gets a remarkable overall 32 mpg of fuel economy. The exterior of this car is sporty and sleek, and the interior is practical and comfortable. Technology is intuitive and the 1.6-liter turbo engine gives drivers power and speed.
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