How to Apply Rain-X Automobile Windshield Treatment

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How to Apply Rain-X Automobile Windshield Treatment
Keeping your windshield clean allows you to clearly see the road ahead of you. Using windshield wipers with traditional fluid can leave behind streaks and allows rain and water to bead on the windshield, reducing visibility and momentarily impairing driving abilities, especially during winter.
Properly cleaning your windshield is an important part of your car safety regimen. Utilizing products such as Rain-X can help clean your glass and repel water.

How to apply Rain-X

Utilizing Rain-X is simple and can be completed by following these easy steps:
Step 1: Use water to clean any dirt from the windshield.
Step 2: Dry the glass before utilizing Rain-X.
Step 3: Make sure the temperatures are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
Step 4: Do not apply Rain-X directly to the windshield. Instead, fold a small cloth and spray directly on the cloth.
Step 5: Wipe in circles. Using a circular motion, firmly wipe the product onto the windshield, making sure the circles overlap and completely cover the glass.
Step 6: Let it dry. Let the Rain-X dry completely. Note that it make take on a hazy appearance.
Step 7: Reapply the product again before removing.
Step 8: Wipe the windshield. Take a clean, dry cloth and wipe the product completely off the windshield (you can also sprinkle a small amount of water and wipe with a paper cloth to remove the product if needed).
Step 9: Add Rain-X to your washer fluid. Consider using Rain-X washer fluid additive to keep windshields clear and clean during wet weather.

What else does Rain-X do?

Beyond helping repel water, Rain-X can also be used to defrost or de-ice glass. It’s also useful for cleaning hard-to-remove debris such as mud and insects. There are also products specific to de-icing and anti-fogging.
Keeping your windshield clean and streak free inside and out is an important part of being a safe driver. Rain-X can also be used in your home on glass shower doors or your home windows to help repel water and prevent hard water staining. Avoid using traditional Rain-X on any plastic surfaces - there is a plastic-specific product for those items.