How to Defrost Your Windshield

Here are the best ways to defrost your car windshield. Read this guide to learn easy ways to defrost your windshield quickly, as well as ways to defrost your windshield with time to prepare.
Written by Nicholas Wilson
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
If you live in a part of the country that has especially harsh
months, you are probably accustomed to the ordeal of defrosting your car windshield. If you already have a hectic schedule, building in the time to clear your windshield is a real hassle.
But, with a few tips in mind and a plan of action ready to go, you can avoid unnecessary delays and keep winter at bay. Read on to learn how to defrost your windshield quickly, with a little help from
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How to quickly defrost a windshield

Step 1: Turn on your car before you need to leave. The first thing to do is turn on your car to get it warmed up. If you're getting ready for work in the morning, go ahead and turn the car on before you finish your morning routine. This will give the car time to warm up.
Step 2: Activate the defroster. This goes without saying, but you should turn on the defroster in your car to get the warm air circulating in order to melt the ice.
If you turn on the defroster several minutes before you have to leave, then this gives it time to do its job.
Step 3: Scrape the windshield. If you are in a real hurry, then you can scrape the windshield in conjunction with the defroster function.
An ice scraper with a flat edge on one end should do the trick. The downside is that these scrapers often only cover small parts of your windshield at a time, making the process rather long. But even if you can’t get all of it off, removing some of it will help the defroster and speed up the process.
Putting in a bunch of elbow grease, especially in the morning, is not what anyone wants to do, but this will really help move things along for you and get you on the road quicker.

How to prepare in advance to defrost your car

Step 1: Keep up with the maintenance on your car. While this is not something that can be addressed the moment you find your car encased in ice,
maintaining your car
is a good preventative measure.
If your car’s heating system is subpar, then you are going to have a lot of trouble making it through the winter. If you have suspicions that your car is in trouble or just want stay on top of it, take it to a certified mechanic for a pre-winter inspection.
Step 2: Purchase a defrosting solution or make your own. Defrosting solutions use a chemical mixture to remove the ice from your windshield.
You can find one that fits your needs at retailers that carry automotive supplies, but you can also make your own, which will let you control the chemicals which go into it and even save some money.
A simple cocktail you can make is comprised of two parts rubbing alcohol and one part water. Mix these together and put the solution into a spray bottle. When the time comes, simply spray your windshield and the ice melts instantly. The alcohol has an extremely low freezing point which makes it the ideal component for removing ice without damaging your windshield.
This will save you on the gas needed to keep your car running long enough for the defroster to do its job.
Step 3: Use a windshield guard. A windshield guard is a great tool to use for snowy areas where spraying a solution is not going to work.
Windshield guards are made of an environmentally durable fiber and go over the windshield on your car. It is secured in place, acting as a barrier between your windshield and the elements.
So, when the snow comes, you simply remove the guard and the snow is gone. Ice could still form underneath the windshield guard, but used in conjunction with the alcohol spray, you can make clearing your windshield a much simpler process.
Defrosting your car windshield can be an easy or a painful process depending on how many advance preparations you make and how well you car runs. But with lots of available options, you never have to let winter get the best of you again.
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