The Best Gifts for Audi Owners 2021

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Looking for the perfect gift to wow an Audi owner? Whether you’re shopping for your mother and her TT convertible or your brother-in-law and his A5, our guide will help you pick a present that stands out from the crowd—just like an Audi!
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Check out our 2021 Audi gift guide for gift ideas that reflect the taste and style of every Audi owner.
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Audi car care basics

Every Audi owner wants to keep their car in top form, so give them the gift of car care! From clay bars to essential oils, these gifts will spruce up any Audi.

A clay bar

California Gold® clay bar kit
California Gold® clay bar kit
You know the benefits of a clay mask for your skin—but for a car? Professional car detailers swear by the clay bar treatment, which uses an engineered resin mixture to remove pollutants and contaminants from a car’s surface.

A digital tire pressure gauge

Product image of a red TEKTON tire pressure gauge on a white background.
TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge
Proper tire inflation is key to maintaining an Audi, but those little pen-style pressure gauges can be hard to read.
Tekton’s handheld digital tire pressure gauge solves the problem with quick and accurate measures of four ranges of tire pressure. Its sleek ergonomic design and lighted nozzle combine style and function: just like an Audi!

A high-quality car cover

Front-facing view of a sedan protected by a gray car cover.
The iCarCover
With a car as expensive as an Audi, protecting the vehicle from the elements takes top priority.
A custom-fit indoor/outdoor car cover from iCarCover will protect your loved one’s Audi from anything the weather can throw at it: rain, snow, hail, wind, UV rays—even dust and bird poop! Made out of 30 layers of waterproof fabric, this cover comes with adjustable nylon straps for extra security, plus a high-quality carrying bag (that’s waterproof too!).

An essential oil air freshener

Close-up view of a red CLEMT circular car diffuser in a black car interior.
CLEMT Diffuser Pebble
Forget “Black Ice” trees from gas stations (please, for everyone’s sake) and gift an air freshener fit for an Audi.
Precision milled from a solid block of aluminum, CLEMT’s Diffuser Pebble comes with three bottles of essential oils, making it a stylish and sustainable option for car fragrance. The Pebble mounts snugly on your car’s dashboard and comes in four colors (red, gold, silver, and titanium black)—don’t forget to color coordinate!

For the stylish Audi owner: apparel and accessories

Audi owners have an undeniable sense of style that’s reflected in their choice of car. Help them curate their look with these top picks for driving accessories.

Driving gloves for a smooth (and fashionable) ride

Close-up of brown leather driving gloves on a white dust bag and a tag for the product.
Triton Driving Gloves by Cafe Leather
Driving gloves offer better grip and reduced vibrations to relieve strain and fatigue at the wheel—but let’s be real, they’re also just cool.
For the ultimate Audi fashion statement, get them a pair of Triton driving gloves from Cafe Leather. Handcrafted from specialty leather and available in ten gorgeous color options, these gloves offer protection and comfort in timeless style.
These gloves are durable, but Cafe Leather’s “Made to Last” Guarantee means that if the person you’re gifting to needs to repair or replace their gloves, they can do so free of charge!

Designer shades to reduce eye strain on the road

Product image of black Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.
Ray-Ban Wayfarers
It’s hard to enjoy the drive when the sun gets in your eyes, so get your Audi lover a pair of cool shades. When it comes to sunglasses, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers. For the legendary look, stick to classic Wayfarers.

A leather key holder

Two keys stick out of a tan leather key cover.
Bellroy Key Cover Plus
Help the Audi owner in your life stay organized in style with a genuine leather key holder from Bellroy. Crafted from environmentally certified leather, the key holder sports a magnetic closure and fits two to four keys, with a sturdy leather loop.

An Audi-branded tumbler to keep them caffeinated on the go

Product image of a stainless steel tumbler with an Audi on it.
Stainless Steel Audi Sport Tervis Tumbler
Just like their cars, Audi’s drink tumblers offer big performance in a small package. For a bold, sporty look, go with this stainless steel tumbler, whose double-wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for up to eight. If you’re looking for a more subtle, feminine style, choose the 16-oz Elemental Pink Tumbler, which comes with a lifetime warranty.
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For the techie Audi owner: gear and gadgets

Owning an Audi and appreciating cool tech go hand in hand. Here are a few can’t-miss tech gadgets that will enhance the driving experience and value of any Audi.

A mobile hotspot for high-speed internet at 100 mph

Product image of a black and purple Netgear mobile hotspot.
NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Mobile Hotspot 4G LTE Router
For the Audi owner who’s always logged on, this wireless 4G router from NETGEAR transforms their car into an on-the-go hotspot.
The Nighthawk mobile hotspot can provide WiFi for up to twenty devices with download speeds up to 1 Gbps. Back by a 1-year limited hardware warranty, this is a must-have for Audi owners whose need for speed extends to their phone!

A low-profile digital driving companion

Product image of the Garmin speak seen at three angles.
Garmin Speak driving companion
Fans of Alexa’s in-home voice-controlled assistance will love the Garmin Speak, which brings Alexa into your car in a compact device that mounts easily to your windshield.
If you’re shopping for an Audi owner with a shaky sense of direction, the Garmin Speak provides accurate on-the-fly navigation assistance.

A GPS tracker that has their back 24/7

Product image of a black Vyncs GPS tracker.
Vyncs GPS Tracker
Real talk: owning a car like an Audi means worrying about theft. Relieve your loved one’s anxieties—and potentially help them lower their car insurance payments!—with a Vyncs GPS tracker. This compact 4G LTE device plugs into the car and gives drivers real-time information on their car’s location, trip history, fuel/emissions performance, and overall vehicle health.
Unlike a lot of GPS trackers, Vyncs’s model doesn’t come with a monthly fee, so you won’t be gifting your loved one an extra payment!
Having an anti-theft device like the Vyncs tracker on their Audi could also help them lower their car insurance. A win-win!
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Gifts for Audi owners under $30

A luxury car comes with a hefty price tag, but your gift for the Audi enthusiast in your life doesn’t have to! For gifts that don’t sacrifice quality for affordability, check out these ideas.

A genuine Audi keychain with electric appeal

A black Audi keychain with lightning patterns on it.
Audi Electric Key Tag
Everyone needs a place to keep their keys, and this brass-and-enamel key tag from Audi’s official collection lets drivers wear their keys with flair! The electric design on the keychain will match an Audi owner’s personality.

A classic Audi LEGO model

The box of a Lego model toy set.
LEGO Speed Champions 1985 Audi Sport Quattro S1
This LEGO model of the 1985 Audi Sport quattro S1 lets Audi fans recreate a beloved racing classic in miniature. This gift doubles as a display piece, adding a fun touch of Audi to your loved one’s home.

A mug that lets everyone know their priorities

A black mug that says "I liky my Audi and maybe 3 people".
Audi Mug
If you’re looking for a gift for that person who… well, gets along with cars better than people, look no further than this handmade mug. It comes in two sizes, depending on your loved one’s caffeine preferences, and they’ll get a kick out of the message.
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Splurge gifts for that special Audi owner in your life

If you can afford to splurge on an extra-special gift for an Audi owner, consider some of these pricier options. You’ll be spending big for a gift they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

A custom 1:8 scale model of their Audi

A miniature car model with its front doors open.
1:8 Scale Bespoke Vehicle Model from Amalgam
If you have a few thousand dollars for a miniature that’s a step (or ten!) above a LEGO model, check out the Amalgam Collection.
With artisan workshops based in Britain, China, and Hungary, Amalgam Collection offers a unique bespoke service creating 1:8 models that replicate every part of your car in exquisite detail—down to the stitching on the seats! You’ll pay for unmatched quality with this tailor-made model.

Plush floor mats for a touch of luxury underfoot

Interior of a gray car with luxury floor mats.
LUXE Carpet Luxury Floor Mats
Audi is synonymous with luxury, so match that sophistication with a set of LUXE carpet floor mats.
Thick, opulent nylon fibers set in a luscious deep pile will instantly upgrade the interior of any Audi, and you’ll have the option to customize with premium edge binding in over twenty colors.

A course at a high-performance driving school

A red Audi driving fast down a driving track.
Get your Audi owner a Stage 1 Driving Course at Simraceway Performance Driving Center
Give the gift of speed this holiday season. If your loved one’s Audi gets the most use on their daily commute, consider gifting them the opportunity to explore their car’s full performance capabilities with a program at a high-performance driving school.
They’ll get expert instruction from professional drivers, and then they’ll have a chance to try out their new high-speed skills on a real racetrack! Check out the four programs available at Simraceway Performance Driving Center in Sonoma, CA, or look for a similar program at a racetrack in your area.

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