The Best Castles in Utah to Visit

From Ice Castles to Art Castle, this is your definitive guide to Utah's best castles.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
probably isn’t where you plan to go if you’re hoping to see castles, but the state is home to several, some of which, like Castle Creek Inn, feature hazy pasts reminiscent of the European piles upon which they’re modeled. Whether you’re looking for a pristine example of Victorian Gothic Revival Architecture, like the Art Castle, or a family vacation spot originally built by loving grandparents, like Castle Park, Utah has a castle for you.
Many of Utah’s most famous castles were built to host weddings and events, but some are historical structures with rich and storied pasts all their own. Whether you’re looking to host your next event, a venue for your dream wedding, or a fairy tale weekend at a historically-themed bed and breakfast, Utah offers a castle that will meet your needs.
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Wadley Farms Castle

Address: 35 E 400 N St, Lindon, UT 84042
Built in: 2000s

What is the story of Wadley Farms Castle?

Wadley Farms
was established in 1869, the castle has only existed for a few years. The farm is well-established and grows peaches, apples, cherries, apricots, pears, grapes, and a variety of seasonal vegetables. The surrounding fields support free-range Angus cows while bees help pollinate the peach trees and produce luscious, peach-flavored honey.
While it’s comparatively new, the castle at Wadley Farms was built using wood beams, mantel, and fireplaces that were all procured from local historical buildings, including Hill Air Force Base, Union Pacific Railroad, and several others. Even the chandeliers were constructed with historical charm in mind, as they’re cast from drill pipes found near Vernal, UT.

How to visit Wadley Farms Castle

Wadley Farms Castle is strictly an event venue and is available by appointment only. Tours are scheduled for potential weddings or party bookings only. To ask about hosting a wedding or event at the Wadley Farms Castle, call 801-400-5442. For information about lodging, email

Castle Park

Address: 110 South Main Street Lindon, UT 84042 
Built in: Late 1990s to 2000s

What is the story of Castle Park?

Castle Park
was originally built as a private estate meant for family gatherings. The builders, a local retired couple, had dozens of grandchildren, many of whom were girls, and this prompted them to construct the often Disney-themed castellated family vacation spot. Its first foray into hosting events included the Princess Festival, which was held there until it got too large to be hosted at the venue.
The property was sold in the early 2000s, after which it became an event venue hosting weddings and various events year-round. Castle Park features a main building with two bride’s rooms and a groom’s room, plus an upper and lower ballroom, all of which are available for rent. The grounds also feature a number of locations available for rent to host events both indoor and outdoor.

How to visit Castle Park

While Castle Park is primarily an event venue, the property does offer tours Monday through Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. To schedule a tour, use
Castle Park’s tour calendar
, call 801-899-9483, or email  
Pro Tip Though tours are available every day except for Thursdays and Sundays, visitors should schedule their tours in advance rather than just dropping in.
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Castle Creek Inn

Address:7391 Creek Road, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84093 
Built in: Restored 1996

What is the story of Castle Creek Inn?

Castle Creek Inn
is one of the closest things you can get to an honest-to-goodness European castle. Unknown history? Check. A historic building in need of serious love after years of neglect? Check. Historically-focused refurbishment? Check. 
The “old castle house,” as it was known for years, is now the thriving Castle Creek Inn after a loving restoration was completed by the current owners, Sallie and Lynn Calder.
Visitors can choose from 10 guest suites inspired by literary, fairy tale, and historical themes from Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe to Rapunzel. Guests are treated to a multi-course, made-from-scratch breakfast, as well as full access to the castle’s common areas, less than 20 minutes from
Salt Lake City’s
Temple Square.

How to visit Castle Creek Inn

Castle Creek Inn is not currently open to visitors, as proprietors continue to try to limit potential exposure during the Covid-19 pandemic. Doors are locked after regular business hours and during room-cleaning hours, but guests are provided with a key that allows them full access at all hours.

Ice Castles

Address:2002 Soldier Hollow Lane, Midway, UT 84049
Built in: Reconstructed every year

What is the story of Ice Castles?

Popping up once a year,
Ice Castles
is a five-state celebration of winter and artistry. In
New Hampshire
, visitors are treated to a full acre of land filled with icetunnels, towers, and archways meticulously assembled by ice artists who hand-place each icicle. 
The whole spectacle is illuminated each night by multicolored lights to create a winter wonderland of frozen thrones, slides, fountains, and more.

How to visit Ice Castles

For obvious reasons, Ice Castles is only open during the coldest winter months from mid-January through early March. During that time, visitors can see the castles Monday through Saturday after dark, with specific hours announced each year.
General admission (ages 12 and up)
Children 4-11
Children under 4
Pro Tip Ice Castles is only open during the winter, so plan your trip accordingly.

Art Castle

Address: 915 West 100 South Salt Lake City, UT 84104 
Built in: 1908

What is the story of Art Castle?

For the last 40 years, the Historic 15th Ward Chapel, now known as the
Art Castle
, was used by LA’s East Studios as a recording studio. Music for films such as Disney’s Lion King, Toy Story, Jurassic Park, and Wonder Woman were all recorded in the Art Castle, as well as albums by world-renowned artists like B.B. King, Elton John, and Dolly Parton.
In July of 2021, the Utah Arts Alliance (UAA) put half a million down to purchase the building, naming it the Art Castle. The UAA’s goal is not only to reinvigorate the 120-year-old exemplar of Victorian Gothic Revival architecture, but also to create a community gathering space, immersive art attraction, and gallery location for new and emerging artists. 

How to visit the Art Castle

The Art Castle is currently undergoing renovations and is not open for tours or visits.
Pro Tip Check back regularly to keep up with the
Art Castle’s renovations

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