What does the “4D” mean on my truck’s dashboard?

I’m a new truck driver and am loving it so far! However, I don’t know what the “4D” indication means on my car’s dash. Can you tell me what “4D” means on a truck?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
Congrats on your new truck—we hope you love it!
4D stands for fourth gear. Some trucks will also have 4D labeled on the gear shift or lever, so don’t be surprised if you spot it there, too! All it means is that your car is in the fourth and highest gear—on automatic transmissions, this is also the gear for overdrive.
4WD, on the other hand, means four-wheel-drive. Even though this may be used interchangeably with 4D, these terms are different. Four-wheel drive is when the car is sending power to each of the four wheels, as opposed to only two of the wheels (like as used in normal driving).
However, during your car-shopping experience, you likely saw 4D floating around, this can also indicate a four-door vehicle.
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