What is an ignition relay replacement?

In this replacement, a mechanic can determine the cause of your ignition relay’s malfunction and provide you with a thorough inspection report that includes any repairs that are required.
The ignition relay is an electrical component that controls the power to your fuel and ignition systems. It aids in the ignition of the fuel and is critical in getting your car up and going.

How do I know if I need an ignition relay replacement?

There are a few frequent signs that should alert you that your ignition relay needs to be replaced:
  • Your battery has a low charge
  • Your engine stalls when idle or coming to a stop
  • The dashboard lights go off when the car stalls
  • Your car won’t start, especially in hot weather
  • The tachometer and speedometer go off and on

How to replace your ignition relay

When replacing an ignition relay, a mechanic will normally undertake the following steps.:
  • Disconnect the battery and place the vehicle on jack stands
  • Remove the defective ignition relay
  • Install a new ignition relay
  • Reconnect the battery and remove the jack stands
  • Turn the ignition on and test if the relay operation is working properly

How important is it to get my ignition relay replaced?

The ignition relay is critical to the proper operation of your car. If your ignition relay fails, your vehicle will not start, and a parasitic load may drain your battery even when the ignition is turned off.
If you suspect the ignition relay is defective or if your car is experiencing ignition-related issues, you should have it checked out as soon as possible.