How do you build a drivable car in Minecraft?

I’ve seen people build some amazing stuff in Minecraft, from a perfect scale replica of the Eiffel tower to a working Gameboy. It got me thinking about how to build a drivable car in minecraft. Is it possible?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
Absolutely! Minecraft allows players to build whatever they want from their imaginations and a car is no exception. All you need is 15 honey blocks, two observer blocks, and two sticky pistons. You can also add four wheels using four black cement blocks.
This car build must be suspended at least one block in the air in order to work, so you might want to build some scaffolding in place. Then follow these simple steps:
  • First, you need to build the undercarriage of the car. Place the first observer block facing towards you, then a sticky piston, then three honey blocks. Turn around and repeat the same pattern. You should have a simple column of five by two blocks.
  • Next, you need to add the details. Face the observer block at one end of your car and put a block of honey in front of it, then two more (one on either side). Add another row of three on top, but set one block backward from the first row, forming a “seat.” Add a block of black cement on either side of the lower row of your “seating” and you have wheels. Repeat the process at the other end of your column, making sure your second row of seats faces the same way as the first.
  • Finally, it’s time for ignition. Get rid of your scaffolding, if you used any. Destroy the two honey blocks in the center of the undercarriage so the pistons can move freely. Then destroy the honey block in front of the observer block at the front of the car and replace it quickly—your car should begin to roll! Take a seat and enjoy the ride.
Your car will keep going until it hits another block. You can customize your car by replacing the wheels or adding any blocks of your choice around the basic structure. Go wild! Why not a
BMW 325i
? Or a
Jaguar XF
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